NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — The Hub City is still going green.

New Brunswick has maintained its bronze status in 2016 from Sustainable Jersey. The nonprofit group encourages municipalities to expand their environmental efforts through certification, grants and awards programs.

The city is one of 153 communities to earn the bronze title and one of 198 to receive any level of certification, according to the nonprofit. More than 440 towns and cities participate in the Sustainable Jersey program.

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In a post on the city website yesterday, officials attributed their success to New Brunswick’s “commitment to smart planning and best practices.”

Sustainable Jersey requires participants to submit a wealth of documentation to prove the existence and effectiveness of their green programs. Each action is worth a certain number of points, which are then tallied to determine a city’s certification level.

New Brunswick first received the bronze certification in 2015 with 235 points, a number far above the required 150. This year, the city earned 240 points, according to Sustainable Jersey.

Municipalities may earn bronze, silver or no certification. Requiring at least 350 points, the silver certification goes to few communities, which must launch several other specific programs to attain that label.

In its 2016 application, the Hub City highlighted its block-by-block cleanup program, addition of a prescription medicine drop-off box and “Complete Streets” policy.

But New Brunswick scored higher this year due to its growing social media presence, according to the city. Sustainable Jersey smiles upon towns that share information with residents often and through several avenues.

Another 20 initiatives, events and policies helped to land the city the bronze certification. Some of those included recycling measures, farmers markets and work regarding potential flooding.

Briana Suffy, management specialist, signed off on the city’s successful application. Residents who wish to take part in sustainability programs should contact her at