NEW BRUNSWICK, N J - Looks like the snow will be coming a day later than expected, but make sure you keep your snow boots handy.

Weather forecasts are calling for up to four inches of snow to blanket New Brunswick overnight. The snow shouldn’t be an issue for today, and your evening commute ​should be free of any snow.

Yet come ​Wednesday, the snow will be in force, posing a real concern for morning commuters, according to Sarah Johnson, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service’s regional station in Burlington County.

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The rain/snow mix could create slippery and dangerous driving conditions​ in New Brunswick​.

With temperatures staying in the 20s overnight and then reaching a high of just above freezing, the snow/rain mix is likely ​in the Hub City for the next few days.

Snowfall will taper off by ​Wednesday afternoon, Johnson said, but the exact hours on when the snowfall starts and ends weren’t immediately available.

Editor Daniel J. Munoz,