NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - A fight between several New Brunswick high school students was captured on camera by a local student and posted to social media.

The 11 second video depicts a group of students engaged in a brawl. One student can be seen pummeling another student in the head, while that student is curled in a fetal position, according to the video.

Another student can be seen laying on the floor with their head tucked in between their arms, according to the video. 

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Towards the end, a staff member can be seen trying to restrain another student from entering the fight, according to the video, while an onlooker tries to break up the fight.

Police were not summoned, according to Dr. Aubrey Jonhson, the district's superintendent. 

Johnson noted that there were no appreciable injuries. In accordance with student privacy laws, the details of the non-appreciable injuries were not released.

Editor Daniel J. Munoz,