Dear Tap Into New Brunswick

I read your article Protesters Oppose Family Separation Policy at Weekend Rally.  A quote states “This country’s cruel immigration policy is separating children from their families.  But we won’t allow it to continue.”  I too agree that families illegally entering the US should be kept together.  However, nowhere in the article or anywhere else where you see protesters quoted, do any of them offer their solution. 

Complaints are largely centered on hatred of our president, not specifics of our nation’s immigration policies.  I do not personally like our president.  I happen to think that the majority of illegal aliens are non-violent people just searching for a better economic life here.  I think our immigration quotas ought to be raised and the process made easier to adhere to.  Historically, legal immigration has been good for our nation. 

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HOWEVER, I also happen to think that immigrants need to respect our laws.   Immigrants cannot sneak in and then only when caught request asylum for political/persecution reasons.  How can the US give them an asylum hearing if we don’t even know they are present?

Most importantly, for all those who do not like the separation of families now, WHAT is their proposed solution?  For example, when a parent and child from Guatemala are permitted free passage through and are coached by people in Mexico about what to say and then turn up in NJ or in one of our border states, what should the ICE agents on the spot do with them?

a.           Keep them together in detention while awaiting a hearing

b.           Keep the parent in detention and place the child in foster care while awaiting the hearing

c.           Immediately send them to Mexico with no hearing

d.           Immediately send them to Guatemala with no hearing

e.           Just let them go wherever they want in the US with no consequences for breaking into our country because we do not have the right as a sovereign nation to even have borders in the first place.

Personally, I believe that families should be kept together for a hearing under due process of law.  I see no reason why the US could not have a facility in Mexico to temporarily house these people while waiting for their immigration hearing.  If granted, give them immediate entry to the US.  If denied,, they would be free to go.

Joe Del Guercio lives in the Dayton section of South Brunswick