This is to acknowledge the efforts and thank the many people who alerted Governor Murphy and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) about the incomplete, misleading and sometimes inaccurate information provided by Williams/Transco in their applications to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and NJDEP for their proposed Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) Project. 

Thousands of citizens have signed letters and postcards, sent emails, signed online letters, and made phone calls to Governor Murphy and to the NJDEP urging them to deny Williams/Transco’s original applications for permits by June 22 in order to  preserve the authority of the NJDEP in its mission to protect the waters and wetlands of NJ by making a decision within the one-year timeline after receiving an application.

We have recently learned that Williams/Transco withdrew their incomplete and inadequate applications to the NJDEP for an Individual Freshwater Wetlands permit and for a Verification & an Individual Permit for Flood Hazard Area on June 14, and they submitted new applications for these same permits on June 18, 2018. 

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Now, with the resubmitted new applications, the time-clock should be re-set to allow the NJDEP one calendar year to either approve or deny these permits.

Making our voices heard had an impact!

This is a welcome delay in efforts to stop the NESE Project, but it is not the end of our work in opposition to it.

Again, we'll need to work with experts and folks who understand the permit application documents and maps to review new content.  Williams/Transco likely still anticipates receiving FERC's Certificate of Approval in December 2018, but they can't do any construction until they receive all needed permits from NJ, NY and PA.  One concern is that "tree clearing" that does not upset the earth (the roots) is not considered to be construction, and this can be done without the state permits.

Anyone can review the new permit applications at the Engineering Department in the Franklin Township Municipal Center, and folks are always welcome to participate with the Franklin Township Task Force at their next meeting on July 16 (8:00 PM in the Municipal Center). 

Submitted by Carol Kuehn for the Franklin Township Task Force on Compressor Station 206 and NESE

TAP herepdf for letter.