SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - The South Brunswick Police Department have received 12 reports of car burglaries and stolen items since January 5. The reported incidents happened at different places around town to cars that appear to have been left unlocked. The South Brunswick Police Department has issued the following
guidelines to residents to help avoid any future vehicle break-ins:

  • Lock all vehicle doors
  • Take key fob out of the vehicle
  • Do not leave valuable in vehicles
  • If possible, park vehicle in a well lit area

James Kraivez, a Patrolman for the South Brunswick Police Department, explained that these
burglaries occurred during the overnight hours and happened in residential areas and apartment
complexes. Items stolen from these vehicles included common things such as money, wallets and
small electronics. The suspect, or suspects, appear to be targeting unlocked cars. None of the cars that were robbed had any sort of permanent damage or signs of a forced entry.

Kraivez is also investigating a burglary that occurred at the Beekman Manor Development where
an unknown man entered a family's unlocked garage at 3:15 a.m. on January 11. The South Brunswick Detective Bureau is working to canvas the communities where these robberies have occurred and similar areas. Midnight squads of patrolman and overnight police officers have been focusing their efforts to collect any information they can. Police have been talking to neighbors trying to find any eye witness accounts and looking for any surveillance footage of the vehicle burglaries, according to Kraivez.