NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — More than 500 city residents have registered for digital parking permits since signups began early this month, according to the New Brunswick Parking Authority.

The new residential permitting system will eliminate the use of hang-tags, officials have said. Instead, enforcement officers will verify someone’s parking status by scanning the license plate.

The program is slated to go live on June 1. In the meantime, residents may register for permits online or at the parking authority’s headquarters, on the sixth floor of 106 Somerset St.

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“It’s going fairly smooth,” Mitchell Karon, executive director of the authority, said during the May 24 meeting of the Board of Commissioners.

So far, roughly 20 percent of registrants have come to the parking authority for assistance with filling out the forms. Karon has said several times that the digital upgrades wouldn’t bar people from tackling the process “the old-fashioned way.”

A test of the new system stands to come next week, when Rutgers University students typically start new leases for off-campus housing, Karon said. He said he expects another 5,000 permit requests to pour in.

“So we’re expecting requests for permits to pick up after Memorial Day, but it’s going to work out fairly well,” he said.

People who live in areas where residential parking permits are required may receive tickets if they don’t upgrade, according to the authority’s website. Summonses may also be issued to those who incorrectly enter their license plate number on the application.

Parking permits for homeowners, landlords, tenants, visitors and sublessors may be obtained online. The same goes for temporary permits, which are issued to new residents who need time to gather documentation to obtain their regular permits.

For more information, check the authority’s website or call the 24/7 help hotline at 844-509-2708.