NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Members of the Second Ward Neighborhood Block Club complained to city officials about noise from a local bar and slow response from police.

The residents complained that noise from the Tropicana Bar at 2 Georges Road is sometimes so loud it sends vibrations through the neighborhood.

Often, by the time police respond to phone complaints, the ruckus has piped down, they said at the club’s meeting on Monday, Mar. 28.

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However, police Detective Harry Hudson, a liaison to the block club, said few complaints have been logged by the department, also noting the bar hires an officer to handle security on Saturdays from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Resident Pete Montague said his experience with police response has been poor, adding that some of his neighbors “have given up” calling.

City Management Specialist Mike Beltranena noted that liquor licenses are renewed every June, and if an establishment has too many noise violations, the renewal is likely to be denied, explaining that calling in numerous complaints can make a difference.

He also said any officers who are negligent in their duties or not addressing citizen’s concerns properly should be reported to the police director.

Club President Morris Kafka said the club is sending a letter to the mayor and city council on the matter.

Hudson suggested the letter also be addressed to the detective to whom violations are reported during the liquor license process.

A worker at the Tropicana who answered a phone call said the management was unaware of any recent noise complaints from neighbors and considered the establishment a good neighbor.