NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - TAPinto New Brunswick sat down with several members of the Sigma Chi fraternity at their house, following allegations that the chapter spiked women’s alcoholic beverages with Xanax.

The four members, all of whom declined to be named, denied the allegations of any such activity or wrongdoing.

Rather, they said that the allegations were made by the ex-girlfriend of a current member as a revenge plot.

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This anonymous tipster, the members alleged, ended up being interviewed by The Daily Targum student newspaper.

On top of that, the members alleged that the only incident for which Sigma Chi was under investigation was a tailgating party in early September, during which a beer can was thrown into the air and hit a woman in the head.

University officials could not immediately confirm whether this was the case.

The fraternity members alleged they were being investigated over the flying beer can, not the allegations that they spiked women’s drinks with antidepressants.

“She and a friend were attending a tailgate party at the ZBT house before the Eastern Michigan Football Game (9/9/17) located on Gilden,” reads a report obtained by TAPinto New Brunswick. The name of the woman has been redacted from the document.

“In a caddy cornered angle to the ZBT house was the backyard a residence known to be the Sigma Chi house,” reads the document.

At some point, a beer can flew into the air, traveled over the fence and struck a woman in the head, the document reads.

The woman was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital where she was treated for minor injuries, according to to the document, and for several days after, had a golf ball-sized lump on her head which was tender to the touch.

In mid-September, Sigma Chi was issued a “cease and desist order” for all parties and social events, according to university spokesperson Neal Buccino.

Then in November, the university and the national Sigma Chi fraternity agreed to suspend the Rutgers Sigma Chi chapter while it was being investigated for policy violations, according to university spokesperson John Cramer.

All Sigma Chi activities and operations will be suspended until 2020, Cramer said, but even then, any members who were suspended in the fall 2017 won’t be allowed to rejoin.

Those members won’t be allowed to participate in Greek Life for the remainder of their undergraduate career, nor will they be able to participate in anything having to do with Sigma Chi until 2023.

At the start of the fall semester, the complainant testified that several members of the Sigma Delta Tau sorority were invited to a mixer with Sigma Chi.

Close to midnight, the mixer, which was held in the basement of a satellite building for Sigma Chi, became open to the public and allowed in up to 100 guests, according to testimony.

Two Sigma Chi brothers manned the front entrance, the testimony reads, and provided a 30 pack of Keystone beers and a container of a jungle juice, while other members brought their own alcohol.

In the testimony, the woman described one of the SDT members at the party saying the “juice” tasted funny and was “chalky.”

One member said she was not feeling well after only half a cup of the juice, despite not having any alcohol beforehand, the testimony reads, and that whatever was in the juice reacted negatively with her medication.

About 10 SDT members left the party vomiting and incoherent, while some even blacked out, the testimony reads.

“Apparently one SDT member was so out of it, she lost her phone and found it behind a tree near the party the next day.”

The individual who provided the testimony alleged she began receiving calls about the incident soon after news broke that Sigma Chi had been ordered to stop all of its social events.

The Sigma Chi members added that the testimony was all second hand, adding that she hadn’t directly experienced the events described in the testimony.

Editor Daniel J. Munoz,