NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - ​P​ut milk, eggs and bread on this weekend’s grocery shopping list.

Forecasts are calling for snow Monday night into Tuesday morning​ in New Brunswick​. How much? Hard to tell at the moment.

But weather forecasters are tracking a cold front moving up the East Coast, according to Lance Franck, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s regional office in Mount Holly.

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“The storm is expected to remain offshore, but we do have, we’ll call it, a dip in the jet stream in the northeastern US,” Franck said. “And that may pull off a bit more moisture into the north and west than what we would normally expect with an offshore storm track.”

Starting Monday evening, all of New Jersey could be blanketed with a layer of snow, Franck said, and that could extend into the southern Poconos in Pennsylvania and the southern tip of New York.

“The forecast is quite complicated,” Franck added. “There’s still a little uncertainty with the storm track, a little uncertainty with just how much moisture will get pulled to the north and west.”

The silver lining at least, is that that upcoming weekend will reach a high of a pleasant mid-50s, before plunging down to just above freezing for most of the week.

So if you have any urge to go jogging or biking, this weekend would be the time to do it.

At least, towards next weekend, temperatures will stabilize in the upper 30s, Franck said.

A cold wave like the record-breaker at the beginning of the month is unlikely, Franck added, but that doesn’t mean meteorologist are ruling out any frigid, day-long cold snaps in the next month.

Editor Daniel J. Munoz,