NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ -  The Center for Great Expectations (CGE) of Somerset announces a full-day conference on Applying Trauma-Informed Care in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment on Friday, Dec. 1, from 7:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Up to five Continuing Education Credits are available. Space is limited so register today.

CGE is one of a handful of programs in the country that specializes in gender-specific treatment for women with substance use and/or co-occurring disorders with a strong emphasis on trauma-informed care. CGE is a recipient of a five-year National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative Category III Community Treatment Services Center Grant.

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Approximately 75 percent of individuals with substance use disorders have experienced significant trauma. The implications of trauma are extensive and potentially multigenerational, leading to mental health issues, substance abuse, emotional, behavioral and relational difficulties. Trauma-informed care is an advanced, innovative, evidence-based clinical approach that addresses the underlying trauma as the core component of substance use and mental health disorders. By developing and enhancing the knowledge of skills of clinicians, the center expects to improve the quality of care provided to this population and improve treatment outcomes. Trauma-informed care and its treatment model have the potential to be replicated with individual providers and throughout substance abuse and mental health treatment facilities.

Since 2010, we have been developing our unique model of care that has, at its core, an understanding of the extensive impact that traumatic experiences have on the men, women, and children that we serve. Our environment, our staffing, and our clinical approach are based on trauma informed principles. We deliver mental health and substance use disorder treatment in a way that is more effective in helping our clients create meaningful lives. We know that because our outcomes show it to be true. This Conference is an opportunity to share our model with other providers.


Conference Objectives:

  • Understand and describe the trauma-informed care model
  • Apply trauma-informed care with substance use disorders
  • Understand the use of psychiatry, benefit and application of psychotropic medications to assist with substance abuse treatment
  • Describe the benefit of trauma-informed care on client and treatment outcomes
  • Integrate emotional regulation skills in trauma-informed practice 
  • Understand and apply principles of parent-infant mental health within the trauma-informed model
  • Develop strategies to improve treatment delivery model through empathic care

Keynote speaker will be Joe Spinazzola, PhD. Other speakers include Emily Bosk, PhD, Edward Ratush, MD, Debbie Ruisard, DSW, LCSW, LACDC and Loran Vocaturo, EdD, ABPP.

Register is $75 before November 1 and $90 afterwards. Full refund available if you cancel before November 17 and no refunds afterward. Lunch is included. Registration can be done online. For information about continuing education credits for social works, please contact Dr. Debra Ruisard at