The Jaffe Briefing - July 24, 2017


NEWARK - When they settled into their airplane seats on Sunday morning, likely wearing floral shirts and leis, ready to order a fruity drink with an umbrella as they zoomed over the gritty Newark landscape to brighter skies, they had no idea the dream would be quickly dashed. Passengers on the United Airlines flight were booted off the plane because of "abnormally hot brakes." Firefighters were dispatched to spray down the brakes, as passengers were grudgingly removed from the plane and transported with a stair truck and buses back to a dismal Terminal C, where Bud Light awaited.

SEA BRIGHT - Bar chatter, bursts of laughter and clinking beer bottles may just be loud enough to trigger hefty fines under a revised local noise ordinance. That's why owners of Tommy's Tavern & Tap are suing this borough, telling the Two River Times that the excessive new restrictions - which include "loud talking" - are absurd. Tommy's owners also hope to overturn bans on live performances and music speakers at their tavern's outdoor patio. But, until a judge pipes up, enjoy those suds....quietly and respectfully.

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MONTCLAIR - Say "досвидания" to the famous Russian 'spy house' here. It may soon be sold, perhaps to a buyer with the secret code word. The long-vacant, two-story Marquette Road colonial has turned into a fixer-upper since 2010, when the feds scooped up and deported spies, Vladimir and Lydia Guryev, living there as Richard and Cynthia Murphy. Their double lives, fake names, phony passports, and spycraft tools helped inspire FX's hit drama, "The Americans." Now, a true capitalist tells he's renovating the place - and maybe sweeping it for bugs and hidey-holes - in hope of selling it for a ton of rubles.

BRIGANTINE - Unlike the claims from your 8th grade guidance counselor, playing cards can be a very lucrative career. Scott Blumstein, from Brigantine, is popping the champagne in Las Vegas this morning, after winning a massive Texas Hold 'em tournament yesterday. The winnings? $8.1 million for this 25-year-old card player. To win, Blumstein had to best 120,995 entrants from around the world and 7,200 players who made the final rounds of this ultra-competitive tournament. We say it was all about skill; that bitter 8th guidance counselor likely dismisses it as pure luck.


WASHINGTON - In yet another example of how we are now unable to live without smartphones, a city man took a garbage bath to find his dropped phone. He was innocently throwing out his trash in the chute at his apartment building, when he made a chilling realization: his phone was somehow in his trash. The man leaned into the chute and, of course, fell inside. At about 3 a.m. yesterday, he was able to find a phone from inside the chute and called 911. Firefighters had the stinky job of hauling him out with a harness.


AT THE CAFE - If your morning coffee gave you an erection lasting longer than 12 awkward hours, please consult a physician. The FDA has found a Viagra-like chemical ingredient in an herbal coffee that Texas-based Bestherbs Coffee sells online. The company did the stand-up thing, voluntarily recalling its "New of Kopi Jantan Tradisional Natural Herbs Coffee." It markets this coffee as an erectile dysfunction remedy, but the FDA warns the ingredient could pose health concerns for men taking certain medications. What a letdown.


With the arrival of a new, tough-talking, "You're Fired!" type of Communication Director, media is eager to learn all it can about Anthony Scaramucci. And that begins with a full troll on Twitter, with media quickly learning that Scaramucci had posted what he thought was a sentimental, inspiring quote from Mark Twain, which clearly wasn't.

The blistering Twitter responses, replying to @Scaramucci:

"Na na na na na na na nana, Na na na na nana, Gettin jiggy wit it." Nelson Mandela

"Cash me outside, how bow dah?" Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears." Vincent van Gogh

"Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games." Upton Sinclair


It was on this day in 1966 that grizzled Casey Stengel - who was the manager of both the Mets and Yankees - was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. On learning of the news, his reaction was something like this:


Highfalutin - [hi-fuh-LOOT-un] - adjective

Definition: Pompous, haughty

Example: What's up with that highfalutin, erection-causing coffee?



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New Brunswick

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STATEWIDE - Perhaps it is time for the state to upgrade to Windows 95, as the second big computer crash in a week spelled disaster for the state's computer systems. The biggest hit came to the state's Motor Vehicle agencies, jamming efforts to renew driver's licenses, or for people to get titles or register vehicles. This mess somehow made the lines at the MVC even longer, the ...

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MANTUA - Ever hear of the Wenonah Police Department? Neither did we, but it doesn't really matter because it no longer exists. At 12:01 a.m. on June 1, the department officially disbanded, with the 2,200 residents of this speck of a town in Gloucester County now being protected and served by the Mantua Police Department - other cops we've never heard about. It was high time for the ...

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ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL - Consider it a wake-up call for Political Action Committees that don't file paperwork. The state's campaign financial watchdogs have slapped the "Central Jersey Democratic Leadership Committee" with more than $120,000 in fines for not reporting more than $100,000 in donations between 2005-2010. Left holding the bag for the non-defunct PAC is Union ...

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Tue, June 19, 6:30 PM

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Sing-a-Long Grease: 40th Anniversary

Rutgers-led “Tick Blitz” finds exotic Longhorned Ticks statewide

June 5, 2018

New Brunswick, N.J. - Researchers at  University–New Brunswick’s Rutgers Center for Vector Biology have found exotic longhorned ticks in four New Jersey counties – and confirmed that these northeast Asian ticks have been present in the Garden State since at least 2013.

The new detection of these ticks in Mercer County was made through the first-ever statewide ...

Rutgers football stadium has a new name

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Many still call it Rutgers Stadium.

But for seven years, the university's football stadium has been known as High Point Solutions Stadium, thanks to a $600,000 annual agreement with a Sparta-based company. But, as the company has shifted its marketing, so has the stadium's name.

So, now, Rutgers is officially home to " Stadium" for the 2018 ...

Composer lyrisicist Sondheim at Rutgers, tells would-be writers ‘it’s hard work’

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Acclaimed Broadway composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim says his work is less about talent and more about the labor and drudgery of “hard work.”

“It’s not about waiting for inspiration. It’s not about talent,” Sondheim said Friday while speaking before an audience at Rutgers University’s Nicholas Music Center.

“You ...

Couple netted $8M from fake Uggs, designer bags, prosecutor says

June 15, 2018

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - A Plainsboro couple could face charges of of selling counterfeit designer shoes and handbags, netting $8 million and sending $3 million to people in China, authorities said today.

Yan Shi, 36, and her husband, Weiping Liu, 40, were arrested Thursday and charged with first-degree money laundering and second-degree conspiracy to violate the New Jersey Trademark ...


Hearing Loss Common in School-Aged Children

May 30, 2018

With close to 15% of U.S. children ages 6–19 experiencing hearing loss, New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NJSHA) notes that May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month is the ideal time for parents to learn more about the sometimes-subtle signs of hearing loss, ways it can affect school-aged children, and where to find help.

“Some children are born ...

Promise Culinary School Slates Open Houses June 21 and 22 In New Brunswick with Tours, Tastings, Prizes

June 15, 2018

Promise Culinary School will host open houses for the community and prospective students on Thursday, June 21, from noon to 3 p.m. and 5  to 7:30 p.m., and on Friday, June 22, from noon to 4 p.m. at 211 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick. The events are free and open to the public.

The events will include kitchen tours, demonstrations, tastings, raffles and prizes. Tours and activities ...

Ensure Safe Sleep While Traveling with Baby

June 6, 2018

As we approach the summer, there will be plenty of expected travel for families, from visiting grandma at the beach to heading out on a long, well-deserved vacation. 

When staying overnight at a friend’s or family’s place, it is important to maintain the same sleep practices as you do at home. Your baby should be sleeping in a safe, modern crib that meets the latest ...