SADDLE BROOK - One elected official has buyer's remorse after voting for an anti-nepotism ordinance that led to his own ouster from office. Joseph Camilleri and fellow Township Council members adopted the no-nonsense ethics measure last fall. Now, with his son close to being hired as a cop, Camilleri had to resign because, as a councilman, he holds some obvious sway. On Monday, Democrats picked his replacement. Camilleri told The Record his son's police career takes precedence over his own political aspirations. About that anti-nepotism measure, Camilleri says: "It came back to bite me." Damn ethics.

BRICK - Microbreweries are welcome here ... finally. For years, zoning restrictions made it really tough for those folks who enjoy brewing beer in their garages to open brick-and-mortar breweries. But, recently, Brick officials decided to dive into the suds known as the Garden State's big craft beer boom. So, Shorebeat says the Town Council is allowing microbrewery start-ups. Now, the race is on for the first guy to trademark "Brick Brewery." Aah; too late.

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BEACH HAVEN - Colorful confetti and streamers showered the council dais here after officials set off dime-store party poppers (yep, for real) upon learning that our state's benevolent Economic Development Authority would forgive a $5 million loan. The authority awarded Beach Haven that federal disaster aid loan to help pay for a new $7.2 million Borough Hall, replacing one Superstorm Sandy wrecked. Mayor Nancy Taggart Davis told The Sandpaper she was "totally in shock" at news of such unexpected generosity.

TRENTON - Gov. Chris Christie is continuing his war with the largest health insurance company in the state, sanctioning Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield $15.5 million for what he claims are intentional delays in processing Medicaid claims, mishandled complaints and inaccurate financial reports, NJ 101.5 reports. That's on top of $550,000 in fines since September. Lots of raised eyebrows here, and questions of vintage Christie retribution, after Horizon refused to hand the state $300 million from its reserves. Company officials say they were blindsided by both the timing and severity of this "large and unreasonable penalty" with no appeal or review.


SALEM, Ore. - Motorists who slam into animals and wreck their cars now have the last laugh. State lawmakers have overwhelmingly passed a bill that allows drivers to scrape the dead carcass off the road, throw it in the back of the tow truck, drag it into the kitchen and cook it up for the evening meal. Road kill aficionados say Oregon law isn't groundbreaking; at least 20 other states allow the practice, recognizing that freshly dead deer and elk are high-quality, grass-fed, lip-smacking grub. Why waste it, Jim-Bob?

INDIANAPOLIS - We often write about awful parenting, but this could be the all-time winner. Indianapolis cops have busted a drunken mom at the Wild Beaver Saloon late Friday, found drinking and smoking as she breastfed her infant daughter, AL.com reports. Witnesses said mom was standing outside the bar, offering sex to anyone who would buy her a beer. Other witnesses told police she chained the stroller - with the baby still in it - to a post outside the bar and went inside to buy a drink. Super Dad was also there, trying to fight the cops, and ended up in cuffs. The dynamic duo, obviously from Alabama, had apparently been in town for a work conference, ending the evening in a prison cell, as the baby went into protective services. These are people who obviously eat roadkill.


This day in 1611 was the last anyone knew Henry Hudson's whereabouts. After a winter spent starving in ice in Hudson Bay, his crew booted him from the ship. The English navigator, his teenage son and seven others were set adrift in a small, open boat, vanishing on the horizon.

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Bilious: [BILL-yus] - adjective

Definition: A peevish ill-natured disposition

Example: "Jimmy Breslin's greatest character was himself: the outer-borough boulevardier of bilious persuasion." - Dan Berry, The New York Times, March 20, 2017