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STATEWIDE - Fourth of July is almost here, so get those flags out. Yet, a report from one of those online clickbait companies makes the wild claim that New Jerseyans aren't patriotic. Huh? Yeah, according this widely-quoted thing called "WalletHub," New Jersey ranks 49th in the nation when it comes to patriotism. Only Massachusetts - home to the Boston Tea Party and the New England Patriots - is apparently worse. Yes, we are very skeptical here, as New Jersey has allegedly failed WalletHub in its "13 key indicators of patriotism." New Jersey, home to the Statue of Liberty and all, apparently failed in the number of Google searches for American flags and other key indicators of alleged patriotism. This report is laughable, at best, from an entity we unscientifically deem as creator of one of the "Five Worst Online Clickbait Studies."

PATERSON - The city's top cop stays, but a state senator won't. That's the latest from Mayor-elect Andre Sayegh, intent on bringing a new day to City Hall when he takes office Sunday. Sayegh tells the Paterson Press he's replacing Sen. Nellie Pou as the city's $125,000 business administrator, but will keep Police Director Jerry Speziale in that $97,000 post. Pou's removal is no surprise considering her close ties to Sayegh's predecessor, Joey Torres. Another of Sayegh's rivals, Councilman William McKoy, questioned the wisdom of jettisoning Pou in light of her experience and her legislative effort to secure $130 million in state tax credits for the city. Politics, it seems comes first.

HAMILTON - Why do lawyers have to wear those stuffy suits? Attorney Mike Mumola thinks "Bermuda suits" is the much cooler way for a legal eagle to beat heat and humidity. Hey, if Cavaliers starters LeBron James and Jordan Clarkson can show up to the NBA Finals in suits with shorts (not trousers), why not him? So, Mumola bared his knees in a Bermuda suit at a recent professional confab and told Trentonian columnist Jeff Edelstein: "It's phenomenal. Everyone from my wife to my law partners absolutely love the shorts. No reason for men to suffer anymore." The jury is still out on whether a judge sustains, overrules or holds his sporty new look in utter contempt. 

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DOWN THE SHORE - For those of us still stung by the massive damage from Superstorm Sandy, the common thinking was: "Well, the shore is completely screwed."  But, six years later, it appears that New Jersey has more sandy beaches now, than before the storm hit. Stockton University is out with a report, showing all the beach replenishment projects have been remarkably successful (and remarkably expensive.) Stockton figures about 163 million cubic yards of sand have been placed on New Jersey beaches since the 1930s, at a cost of $1.2 billion.  So, stop complaining about that $8 beach badge, ok?

HILLSBOROUGH - The Girl Scouts want you to know they aren't just about cookies or camping. In fact, consider the Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey for your latest professional conference venue, as local officials will join scout leaders tonight to officially open a highly-anticipated, state-of-the-art activity building at Camp DeWitt in Hillsborough. The facility is being marketed as a bucolic location in the Sourland Mountains for business functions, meetings and special events. And you know the desserts - whether Tagalongs or Do-si-dos - will be downright delicious. 


ATLANTA - Perhaps the airline lost his luggage. Maybe that is why a 19-year-old man ran half-naked across the Atlanta airport runway yesterday and jumped onto the wing of a Delta Air Lines plane that had just landed, Reutersreports. Apparently, this guy was able to scale a 12-foot-high fence with barbed wire at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, barefoot and only wearing underwear.  Literally catching a flight, the teen was able to open the emergency door, to the surprise of the passengers arriving from Miami. The TSA was also made available, if groping was required.

The Jaffe Briefing was able to secure exclusive on-board video of the incident.


It was this day in 1957 that Reds fan stuffed the ballot box, getting eight Reds selected to the All Star games as starters. Commissioner Ford Frick stepped in, removed two Reds from the lineup and stripped fans from voting until 1970.


Ostensible - [ə-STEN-sə-bəl] - adjective

Definition: Being such in appearance; plausible rather than demonstrably true or real

Example: I'm always surprised when the ostensible hero of the movie goes rogue.



a Jaffe Briefing exclusive
by Andy Landorf & John Colquhoun