ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL - When it all started, we had big dreams of Cory Booker v. Phil Murphy v. Steve Sweeney v. Steve Fulop in a bloodbath of a Democratic primary for governor. But all the political intrigue never materialized, as Murphy appears to be walking away with the party's nomination, after spending $20 million or so. And it looks like he will be going after Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno this fall as the GOP candidate, after she spent nearly eight years working for Gov. Chris Christie, yet doesn't ever seem to mention him. While tomorrow's primary election is not the nail biter once envisioned, make sure to vote and show you are paying close attention. Not to overstate, but this election will be critical to the future of the state.

PATERSON - The owners of the Dawa convenience store are likely scratching their heads this morning, trying to come up with a new, catchy name for their corner store. That's because the copyright lawyers at Wawa successfully sued the mom-and-pop business to protect the mega-business with 700 convenience stores in six states. "Dawa" is a casual way to say "come in" in Korean and is interpreted to mean "welcome." Yeah, yeah. But lawyers argued Wawa has spent a fortune on its reputation and these Dawa people are nipping awfully close. Says a Wawa spokesperson: "We wish them nothing but success. Just without our name included."

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ON THE RAILS - You go, Governor, bring home the billions! There's high, high hopes that Gov. Chris Christie will capitalize on what we hope is still a cozy friendship with the President, as he will be talking this week with U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao about the billions needed for Gateway, a series of projects to finally modernize our crappy rail service across the Hudson. NJ 1015 reports the project could cost $20 billion (or so) over seven years (or so) and, of course, Jersey is flat broke. Christie remains optimistic, recognizing that Trump is a real estate guy (with plenty of investment in NYC) and fully believes Gateway is "not going to slide through the cracks."

BEDMINSTER - Rep. Tom MacArthur - lambasted by many of his voters for leading the President's health care reform efforts - is now clearly living in Trump World. The congressman has a high-end fundraiser at Trump National Bedminster, with you-know-who as the special guest on June 11, WOBM reports. Just $5,400 a couple, but perhaps all attendees will receive complimentary Trump neckwear. We could suggest the MacArthur campaign reimburse taxpayers for the tremendous security costs of having the President show up at his fundraiser, but, really, that just seems fair, not at all practical.


STATEWIDE - We often hear how no one cares about local news, which is why your daily newspaper has the heft of a pamphlet found on a car windshield. Yet TAPInto somehow keeps bucking the trend, out with its latest circulation figures among 60 franchised sites in New Jersey and New York. Readership is up 32 percent in a year-to-year comparison, ending May 31, with 6.1 million users and 150,000 Facebook friends. Check out sites like TAPInto New Brunswick and TAPInto Newark, providing daily coverage of cities without the financial burden of print or delivery.

TRENTON - And in, surprisingly, more good news for New Jersey media, there's $332 million coming from proceeds of a nationwide auction of broadcast airwaves. Of course, a huge chunk will be going to the state treasury. But, NJ Spotlight notes, about $100 million could possibly go to enhancing news coverage, through legislation proposed by Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen) and Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-Camden). They want to create a nonprofit Civic Information Consortium in New Jersey, with grants provided over five years to media organizations, community groups, and others to counteract a decline in the state's newspaper industry, eroding local coverage. Others have other ideas, of course, how to spend the wheelbarrow of cash. But, finally, a good debate to have.


AUGUSTA, Maine - Let's assume it was "Message Received" at town hall, where a disgruntled resident believed that municipal workers weren't hearing his complaints about bed bugs in his former apartment. One Friday, he stopped by to ask for some financial assistance, but was told he didn't qualify. And, so like any normal person, he returned with 100 or so bed bugs, which he slammed on the counter, releasing them everywhere, the Kennebec Journal reports. Town Hall then had to be sprayed. Or, as municipal workers translated, an early weekend.


Perhaps this day in 1888 was not the best one for President Grover Cleveland, who blocked a war widow from getting her husband's pension. Because the soldier suffered from insanity, stemming from his Civil War battles, he killed himself. But since the widow could not prove his death was related to military service, no pension for her.


Notabilia - [no-tuh-BEEL-ee-uh] - noun

Definition: Matters, events or items worthy of note

Example: This issue of the Jaffe Briefing talks about winners, widows, weather and other notabilia.