NEW BRUNSWICK - Is Rutgers a big party school? It would seem so at the glorious football tailgates, but the Scarlet Knights don't come close to many of the most elite universities in regards to keg-stands and funnels. In fact, ranked Rutgers a sleepy 46th among party schools, akin to a night of wine coolers and "This is Us" reruns. The top spot went to Tulane University in New Orleans. (Go, Green Wave!). It is important to note that Rutgers did beat out every other New Jersey college and university in the partying department, earning an A+ for its "nightlife, athletic culture and Greek life." It also got extra credit for its 10th-annual, party-hearty Rutgers Day festivities in April. But Rutgers clearly has some work to do.

CALIFON - The short answer? Yes, close the Califon School. Califon residents are wringing their hands over a plan to close the one school in town, which serves pre-K to eighth graders. The school has had a dwindling enrollment for years and now 89 kids go there. A study was done with an obvious conclusion: Shut it and send the kiddies to neighboring Lebanon. Of course, some folks don't want the town's only school to close for the fall, saying Califon kids should attend classes locally. But in this era of outrageous property taxes, this one is a no-brainer. And for those opposing the closure, perhaps they shouldn't live in rural Hunterdon County and expect the same services of a typical suburban town. For that matter, Bloomsbury should also close its one school - with 85 kids - and send them all to neighboring Greenwich. Another no-brainer.

WILDWOOD - They are widely known as "rent-a-cops," and the "special officers" in Wildwood are making national news for roughing up a 20-year-old Philadelphia woman on the beach. asked: Who are these "special officers" and do they have as much authority as, say, a mall cop or crossing guard?  Well, you have your "Special Class 1" officers, who receive a whole eight days of training to handle parking and traffic. And then there's the "Special Class 2 officers," who can carry guns and have the training of basic police recruits. All tend to be seasonal, for resort towns that get a huge spike in people over the summer. Wildwood pays these guys $10 an hour to deal with the quality-of-life stuff, like parties, under-age drinking, excessive noise, etc., leaving the heavy-duty crime-fighting to the town cops. If you ever want to meet a "special officer," dare to walk on someone's lawn in Belmar.

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NEWARK - It was a terrific track meet on May 20, bringing together six youth teams for competition in the "Brick City Invite" at Newark School Stadium. But, reports, that meet never happened. In what is really a bizarre story, the track coach for the Newark Flames Track Club concocted the whole thing, submitting fake results in an apparent attempt to recruit more kids and boost the qualifying times of his athletes. Many of the results qualified his kids to compete at the New Balance National meet, to be held next month in Greensboro, N.C. reached out to Notre Dame High School in Lawrenceville, who this coach alleged had competed in his fake track meet. The Notre Dame coach responded: "We knew nothing about it. Maybe he picked Notre Dame because we're far away, and he figured we'd never check."

MORRISTOWN - The Morris County Republican Party has a proud tradition, not losing any countywide elections in 45 years. But New Jersey Globereports that 2018 can be a very different story, as the party has no candidates filed to run for county committee in 292 of the 792 county committee seats for the June 5 primary. That is a 37 percent vacancy rate. Now's the chance for an upstart to upset the apple cart and take over the party. It's also a great moment for salivating Democrats who have been waiting for any opportunity since the Nixon Administration.

BAYONNE - Granny packs quite a wallop - at least enough to fight off a would-be purse snatcher outside her West 34th Street home. Police tell NJ Advance Media that a man demanded the 69-year-old woman's purse Sunday night. When she told him to get lost, he yanked hard on her strap. That's when the woman began throwing punches and repeatedly kicking her robber's shins. The woman told officers the man fell on the ground before running off empty-handed. Police are looking for a humiliated assailant with a pronounced limp.


TOKYO - Coca-Cola has been around since 1892, probably creating billions of bottles of soda over those years. But the company never produced any alcoholic drinks - until now. Coca-Cola has released a Japanese beverage known as "Chu-Hi," a fizzy, lemon drink with a small shot of "shochu" alcohol, which went on sale Monday. The drink is marketed to women who may not prefer the delicious suds of traditional beer. Shochu, we hear, can be easily swapped with vodka, creating a ready-to-open, Americanized drink. And that means our crowded liquor stores and bars have yet one more product vying for our attention and over-used livers. But this drink is different: Backed by an international conglomerate that knows how to market and sell.


It was on this day in 2013 that America got its first look at James Comey, who President Barack Obama named as his FBI director.


Sacrosanct - [SAK-roh-sankt] - adjective

Definition: Most sacred or holy

Example: I hold my rookie Tom Seaver baseball card to be sancrosanct.