LITTLE EGG HARBOR - With chapters featuring such titillating titles as "The clitoris and pleasure: What you should know," local parents are wondering if the magazine at the junior high school library is offering a little too much information about sex ed, the Asbury Park Press reports. The school board is now thinking about removing copies of the magazine, titled Sex, Etc., as some parents think it goes a little beyond what their little cherubs need to know at this moment in time.  Maybe the magazines should be placed behind the counter, just like at the local Quick Chek.

FARMINGDALE - Some veterans are now taking a knee when it comes to watching the NFL. If you head to Woody's Tavern on Sunday, hoping to watch the Giants attempt to score a field goal against the 49ers, you will find all 20 television screens darkened. NJ 101.5 reports a veteran approached the barkeep and suggested, in honor of Veterans Day, that this watering hole not show any football games. Surprisingly, the business agreed. And, the bar also agreed to donate 20 percent of food sales to the Green Beret Foundation. So, stop by to celebrate veterans, and stick around for the $2.50 Bud Lights.

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NEWARK - The juror excused from Sen. Robert Menendez's corruption trial is chirping away, saying, in her opinion, the state's senior senator isn't guilty. Having been excused from the trial for a pre-planned family wedding, the Hillside woman told NJ.com that the government was "trying to throw a good man under the bus." Menendez, on trial for allegedly accepting trips on a wealthy friend's private jet and luxury vacations in exchange for access to government officials, had at least one friendly juror, as she tells News 12: "They are friends. And if I was rich and I had a lot of money, and if I want to take my friend somewhere, why can't I?" Menendez's attorneys are likely cursing that damn pre-planned wedding.

PLAINFIELD - Fresh off a resounding re-election bid, the City Council celebrated, raising Mayor Adrian Mapp's salary to $75,000, up from $35,000, according to TAPInto Plainfield. This is a generous 115 percent boost, especially compounded with the mayor's other job as finance director for the City of Orange. The move garnered objections from some, but perhaps they're missing the point: After such a victory, is there a more advantageous time to give the mayor a $40,000 raise? Oh, and the council also gave themselves a hefty raise to boot, as members will earn $25,000 next year over the current $10,000. Ahhh. Victory!

ON AIR - A great way to celebrate Veterans Day is to tune in at 7 p.m. tomorrow to NJTV for "The Borinqueneers," the first historical documentary to chronicle the never-before-told story of the 65th Infantry Regiment, the only all-Hispanic unit in the history of the U.S. armed forces. Narrated by Hector Elizondo, the film tells of the courage, triumph and struggle of the men of a once-storied Puerto Rican regiment. If you feel inspired - and we are sure you will - consider a donation to nj4pr.org. All proceeds will support crucial Hurricane Maria relief efforts in Puerto Rico.


TULSA, OKLA. - In one of those "only in Oklahama" stories, a woman who married her mother has pleaded guilty to incest. According to the Tulsa World, Misty Spann, 26, is heading to jail for 10 years for getting hitched to the woman who birthed her. Apparently, says Misty, there is really no issue here. That's because she was raised by her grandmother after her mom lost custody. The mom-daughter duo recently re-connected and - wouldn't you know - they hit it off! This is not the first trip down the aisle for the mother, Patricia Spann, who had married her son in 2008 in Comanche County. That marriage was annulled 15 months later when the son concluded it was getting kinda weird.


It was this day in 1775 that the United States Marine Corps was born at the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia. If you have Marines (active duty or veterans) in your family or you know any Marines, give them a hearty "Happy Birthday, Marine" or a sturdy Semper Fi. Ooorah!!!



Pathos - [PAY-thohss] - noun

Definition: An emotion of sympathetic pity

Example: With the Giants having to play another professional football game this Sunday, I'm consumed with pathos.