NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ- On this day in 1925, the New Brunswick Home News announced its clever way of providing baseball scores to its loyal readers in “real time.” (Or a few seconds of delay.)


The original message reads as follows:


“In line with its policy of giving it’s readers every service possible, the sporting department of the Home News will, as usual, present the World’s Series games in detail on the electric Magnetic Baseball Player Board at the Pennsylvania Railroad Plaza. By using this board it is possible to present every play in detail a few seconds after it occurs. Thus, New Brunswick baseball fans who are unable to attend the games may have the pleasure of watching their progress in Pittsburg or Washington, beginningWednesday, on the Home News player board. In addition to this service, the regular city edition of the Home News will be delayed until die final out is made, when a complete account of the game, with box Score, will be on sale at all newsstands. This service will enable local baseball fans to have their story two hours earlier than it could be furnished by any other newspaper.”