NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ-  On this day in history, in 1917, The Daily Home News reported that an American ship had sunk in foreign waters on the morning of October 4, 1917. Reaction from around New Brunswick was a mix of outrage and shock.


The original article read as follows.

“ An American war vessel has been sunk in foreign waters. No details have been given out by the Navy Department except that the sinking occurred October 4. Admiral Sims, in charge of the American fleet now operating In European waters, did not give the type of vessel. It la not known whether it was a destroyer, scout cruiser, or some other kind ot patrol ship. Nor is It known whether the loss occurred during a batte or as the result of an accident. The Committee on Public Information Issued the following: “The Navy Department is in receipt of a dispatch which states that an American patrol vessel foundered while on duty in foreign waters on the morning of October 4. All of the officers and entire crew were safely landed. An investigation is being made as to the loss of this vessel. The Navy Department has no further Information concerning the details except those given." "