NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ -  Need some seed money?  The Rutgers Raritan River Consortium (R3C) is once again offering support for research by faculty, staff and post-doctoral researchers on Raritan River, basin and bay resource issues. The intent of the mini-grant and internship pool is to promote multidisciplinary collaboration by Rutgers faculty, staff and students to address water quality, public access, habitat and other sustainability concerns in the Raritan River region.  A further purpose of the mini-grant and internship pool is to encourage Rutgers faculty, staff and students to partner with stakeholders from across the Raritan region to advance cooperative watershed planning for a healthier Raritan.

Rutgers faculty, staff and post-doctoral researchers (with faculty advisor) are eligible to apply.  Proposals that include a strong education component are encouraged.  Proposals that demonstrate collaboration with external Raritan stakeholders and/or collaboration between Rutgers schools and programs will be given preferential consideration.  Mini-grants and internship grants amounts will be for a maximum of $7,500 each.  Mini-grant and internship application guidelines are available here. 

Emails of intent are due Oct. 15 with applications due Nov. 1.  Awarded funds can be expended between Dec. 1, 2017 and Aug. 31, 2018.  Mini-grant funds can be used for summer salary, research assistant support, travel, supplies, or other direct research expenses.  Internship funds can only be used for student salaries.  Requests for either type of support can be for work that is part of a larger project but require specific goals objectives, deliverables and reporting tied to the mini-grant or internship request.

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The Rutgers Raritan River Consortium (R3C) is a collaborative effort of Rutgers New Brunswick-Piscataway schools, programs, and departments that have joined together to advance Rutgers’ mission to be a better steward of the Raritan River and its environs. The Consortium has two primary goals:  to utilize the Raritan River and its environs to inform university-based education, research and scholarship; and to apply Rutgers’ efforts, research and programs to collaborate with other Raritan partners to advance improvements in regional planning, policy and decision-making that positively affect the Raritan region and resources.  By facilitating collaboration among Rutgers faculty, staff and students and engaging the greater Raritan community of businesses, municipalities, NGOs and other Raritan stakeholders, the Rutgers Raritan River Consortium will bring the university’s resources to bear to address concerns for the Raritan.

To learn more about the Rutgers Raritan River Consortium, the mini-grants and internship pool, or the other Rutgers Raritan River Initiatives, or contact Sara Malone at