EAST RUTHERFORD - The typical sports fan in New Jersey has until 2026 to get excited about professional soccer. That's because the Meadowlands could be the epicenter of the soccer world, a contender to host the World Cup. It could be  an amazing coup for New Jersey, although expect worldwide marketers to try to convince everyone that the big game would be played in "New York." With the mega, mega-mall hopefully opening by 2026, after countless years of delays, and legal sports betting (beginning today), Bergen County can be a terrific host for this international event - just eight years away. Get your tickets today.

ATLANTIC CITY - Gaming revenue was down by more than 5 percent in May, compared to a year ago, but who the heck cares? Sports betting is now legal in the state, with Gov. Phil Murphy placing his first bet at Monmouth Park at 10:30 a.m. today. The Borgata and other casinos will be taking legalized sports bets, as a huge victory for the gaming resorts. Sure, the professional sports leagues are royally ticked about this, as they want a share of all the glorious revenue. And, as ROI-NJ reports, Major League Baseball is refusing to accept any ads from sports betting venues. But, so what? New Jersey now has a huge new revenue source, worthy of widespread celebration.

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BAYONNE - Time for a new line of work. The same guy arrested two weeks ago for stealing $4,300 worth of top-shelf liquor, beer, sports drinks, sandwiches and snacks from the Bayonne Country Club, is locked up again. Yep ... another burglary. This time, police tell NJ.com, the 47-year-old city man allegedly took 31 sealed packs of lottery tickets, a dozen cigarette cartons worth $1,200, and cash from a 21st Street delicatessen after reportedly hurling a brick through its front window. Cops picked up this hapless fellow, along with the missing loot, within a few hours.

STATEWIDE - There's no shortage of places to buy a burger in New Jersey. Yet, Florida-based Checkers Drive-In insists New Jersey is woefully "under-served," unveiling a bold plan to open 60 more of these fast-food joints, likely on a highway near you. It's already got a dozen franchises, mostly in towns near Manhattan and Philly. A Checkers executive tells NJ.com its roadside drive-ins offer "value prices" (the average per-person tab is $7 or less) and a signature menu that includes a triple-decker Big Buford and "Baconzilla" burgers, fried "Monsterella Stix," and Kool-Aid Slushies. You can almost feel your arteries hardening.

BEDMINSTER - Why are U.S. taxpayers on the hook for $60,000 in golf carts and $27,000 in portable bathrooms? The President must be coming back to Bedminster this summer, NJ.com reports. Sigh. It looks as if Trump may be visiting on and off through the end of October, creating havoc in local air space and local roads and costing a fortune in security. Rep. Bill Pascrell, for one, finds it all ridicolous, as the exclusive Trump golf courses aren't exactly welcoming to the typical American. Yet, Pascrell notes, we are all paying for the Trump Organization to allow the President to use his own golf carts. Congress, apparently, is sticking its head in one of Trump's sand traps, Pascrell says, oh-so-colorfully.


WINSTED, Minn - Call it an exhaust-ing night, as a young woman somehow got her head stuck in a truck's oversized tailpipe at a Minnesota music festival. No clue what this girl was eating, drinking or smoking to get into such a predicament at last weekend's Winstock Music Festival in Winsted. KARE-TV reports that it's unknown how she ended up with her head in the tailpipe, but reporters surmise that alcohol could be a factor. (Really?) The McLeod County Sheriff's Office says she was cited for underage drinking once she was removed from the tailpipe, and then escorted to the door.


It was a great day for the beer vendor, on this day in 1966, when a game between Miami and St. Petersburg in the Florida State League drags on for 29 innings, a record.


Defenestration - [dee-fen-ə-STRAY-shən] - noun

Definition: The act of throwing someone or something out a window

Example: Defenestration is the appropriate response for the person who set my alarm clock for the middle of the night.