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The Jaffe Briefing - March 16, 2018



ON THE RAILS - Another commuting mess this morning, as the antiquated Portal Bridge got stuck in the "up" position at 4:22 a.m.  That caused a bunch of rush hour trains to be cancelled between Newark and Manhattan for four hours or so.  Both NJTransit and Amtrak riders were completely screwed. You may recall the proposed Gateway project calls for replacing this old bridge in Kearny, which opened for service November 27, 1910, when NYC's population was about half of what it is now. Perhaps, yet again, someone, somewhere may want to mention to the President that this Gateway project is kinda important. With a rusty bridge this old and so over-used, with 450 trains daily, spraying WD-40 is no longer a viable solution.

EAST RUTHERFORD - New Jersey is known for its class and quiet restraint. But expect none of that next year as WrestleMania 35 comes to MetLife Stadium, stirring up hysteria among pro wrestling fans around the state who live for the "sport." Citing anonymous sources, NJ.com reports that Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver will join New York Giants President John Mara and New York Jets President Neil Glat later this morning to make the big announcement as New Jersey prepares for its first WrestleMania since hosting the big show in Atlantic City in 1989 with some ringmaster named Trump. As Oliver talks up Wrestlemania, perhaps she will demonstrate some of the signature moves, like the "Rolling Single Leg Boston Crab," the "Ringpost Figure-Four Leglock" or the not-to-forget "Triple Jump Moonsault."  However, nothing beats Gov. Phil "The Moneybag" Murphy's game-ending "Top Rope Elbow Drop." Or, perhaps, someone will just throw a chair.

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JERSEY CITY - Irish teachers in Jersey City are likely getting an early start on the St. Patrick's Day celebrations, as their union declared a strike last night. Schools are running with early dismissals today, as 3,100 local teachers are hopefully flocking to some of the best Irish bars in the state to slam down some, um, corned beef. Expect plenty of "strategy meetings" at Healy's Tavern, O'Leary's Publik House, PJ Ryan's and, of course, The Hutton. Need more recommendations of Irish bars in Jersey City? Jeez. This list is endless. There's also Iron Monkey, Dorrian's Red Hand, Lucky 7, etc. etc. Stop by one of these pubs, grab a Guinness and toast a teacher.

SOMEWHERE ELSE - It is odd to have a governor quietly leave the state, but not to run for President. Gov. Phil Murphy is officially elsewhere through Sunday, joining the kiddies for their last few days of spring break. The R&R is at an undisclosed location, but not at Murphy's posh homes in Berlin or Italy, Politico reports. After proposing $1.7 billion in new taxes this week, it seems a good time for the governor to take a break as the local press picks apart his proposed budget.

PATERSON - The Silk City, and all the corruption wherein, is often the brunt of jokes, so let's celebrate the fact that it has been 90 days without a killing. The Paterson Press notes it is the longest lull in murders in more than nine years, something worthy of a local celebration. Paterson officials are also likely quick to note that cities like Newark, Camden and Trenton have seen an uptick in homicide lately. So...Ha!


SAN ANTONIO - For those who hate riding a thrill ride for, say, 4.5 seconds, this story sounds like hell on wheels. Riders on a Batman-themed roller coaster were trapped upside-down for 45 minutes on Tuesday when the ride jerked to a sudden halt at the local Six Flags. Apparently, a "safety sensor" went off, creating this completely unsafe situation, as the park's customers dangled perilously from the sky, begging for the real Batman to miraculously sweep in and save them from certain death. Eventually, the "safety sensor" was discharged and customers were gently returned to the ground, likely with enthusiastic kissing.


Beer sales were woefully low on this day in 1983 at the Cleveland Coliseum, when the visiting New Jersey Nets only managed to attract 1,814 fans to a Cavalier game.


Lexicographer - [lek-suh-KAWH-gruh-fer] - noun

Definition: Author of a dictionary

Example: If this whole PR thing doesn't pan out, maybe I'll be a lexicographer.



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MENDHAM - How long are New Jersey taxpayers going to pay for Chris Christie?  WNYC reports there is a $250,000 line item in the state budget for "gubunatorial transition." Christie still has expenses: the staffer to help him with his waning responsibilities, rented office space near his home and that darn $85,000 portrait, the highest ...

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TRENTON - New Jersey now has the most sweeping equal pay legislation in the nation, a terrific headline, following the governor's bill signing yesterday. The question is enforcement. Women and minorities need to know it is illegal for employers to offer them less pay and benefits than others, and that they have the full backing of the state.

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STATEWIDE - Yeah, yeah, New Jersey has really high taxes. And, yeah, it is super expensive to live here. So, yet another study is out, with the American Legislative Exchange Council ranking New Jersey second-to-last among states in economic performance and 46th in economic outlook, ROI-NJ reports. The study, called "Rich States, Poor ...

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STATEWIDE - First, there was a turkey in every pot. Then there was the "Square Deal," the "New Deal" and now Sen. Cory Booker says it is time for government to offer a, uh, great deal: A job to anyone who wants one. He is proposing federal grants that would select 15 "local areas" in which adults could get a job at $15 an ...

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ON THE ROAD - It looks like a State Police trooper is going to have to head to the bars to pick up chicks, indicted yesterday for intentionally pulling over women in a desperate attempt to land dates. Internal affairs learned the Trooper was pulling over two lovely ladies at the end of 2016, threatening to arrest them if they didn't hand over their ...

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PLAINFIELD - Those who dabble in Union County politics are learning this morning that the former Democratic chairman, Jerry Green, has died at age 79 after a long illness. Green, a longtime assemblyman from Plainfield, rose through the ranks from serving on the freeholder board in the late 1980s.  He will be remembered as a Roselle native, a ...

Rutgers professor named Pulitzer Prize finalist

April 19, 2018

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - For Evie Shockley, poetry – and her professorship at Rutgers University–New Brunswick – are central to her engagement with a world that needs change and central to the ways she prepares students to do their own engagement.

This week, Shockley was selected as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in the poetry category. The Pulitzer ...

Rutgers Professor Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

NEW BRUNSWICK - Helen M. Berman, Board of Governors distinguished professor emerita of chemistry and chemical Biology at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Berman is among 213 people elected to the academy this year, including author Ta-Nehisi Coates, actor Tom Hanks, President Barack Obama, Supreme ...

Questions now swirl around reported Rutgers theft

NEW BRUNSWICK - A crime alert issued by Rutgers police about an armed robbery on Tuesday April 10 has turned out to be false. 

Upon further investigation, police said the alleged incident in front of the Campbell Hall dorm on George Street did not happen as was initially reported. Police had said initially that the suspect showed a handgun, ordered the ...

NB Public Schools task force takes on chronic absenteeism

April 19, 2018

NEW BRUNSWICK – Being absent for just two days each month means a student will miss 10 percent of the entire school year – enough to negatively impact that student’s academic performance.

It’s sobering information, and a clear demonstration that chronically absent students are at a tremendous educational disadvantage, one from which many of them will never recover.


Safe Sleep for Babies Requires Effort from All

April 10, 2018

For more than a decade, my organization, Keeping Babies Safe (KBS), has sounded the steady drumbeat of safe sleep awareness, which in turn has created bans on dangerous products and has helped enact laws that work to ensure babies are sleeping safely.

In 2018, KBS kicked off its latest awareness campaign designed to promote safe sleep practices and products ...

'Elementary, My Dear Watson!' Solving Mysteries with Genetic Geneaology

April 20, 2018

The next meeting of the New Brunswick Historical Society will be on Thursday, April 26 at 7:00 p.m. Andrew May will speak about Genetic Genealogy. Humans are 99.9% identical in their genetic makeup, yet, differences in 0.1% of our DNA has helped us answer questions about our recent and deep ancestral origins. Direct-to-consumer DNA testing provides the toolbox for solving difficult ...

Why People Should Visit Black Churches and Black People Should Welcome Them

March 29, 2018

Dear TAPInto New Brunswick,

In New Jersey, segregation is a cultural issue that demands the immediate attention of Christians. Nearly 87 percent of Christian churches in the U.S. are either made up of only white, or only African-American parishioners. When we worship in the comfortable bubble of segregation, we miss the opportunity for racial reconciliation, as mandated by Jesus:

"A ...