STATEWIDE - So, in which state do people spend the most on Halloween candy? Bet we were going to say New Jersey, but no.  The national average in per-person spending is $16.45. Yet, in Oregon, shoppers pay a whopping $40.29, on average, on their Halloween candy, reports Ibotta. New Jersey ranked third on the national list, where we plunk down an average of $24.36 on candy purchases the week before Halloween, thus ensuring plenty to snack on until Santa arrives with his candy canes. Which state is the stingiest? Ohio, which spend the absolute least, and is obviously not the strategic state to go Trick or Treating in.


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ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL - While the race for governor will suck out all the air on Election Day, it's important to note that there will also be two ballot questions for voters to ponder, as well. Ballot questions never seem to get attention, even though they can cost taxpayers millions of dollars.  One question would allow the state to spend $125 million to fix up public libraries and update technology; the other would ensure funds from environmental contamination lawsuits are used for restoration projects, rather than being thrown into the general treasury. So, take a moment to vote on the questions, as opposed to fleeing the voting booth as quickly as possible.

MIDDLETOWN - A Keansburg mom is being forced to pay $39,100 to the Middletown schools, for keeping her kids in the school district after moving to Keansburg, NJ 101.5 reports. It is a sad story. She was evicted out of her house in Middletown, after her home was foreclosed, and had no choice but to move to Keansburg. But she kept her kids in the Middletown schools, for obvious reasons. But judges say she owes the cash and the kids need to switch schools, because she isn't defined as "homeless" and will likely remain in Keansburg. A truly rare moment when it may be better for officials to deem you as homeless.

ON THE RAILS - All are wishing hearty congratulations to NJ Transit, no longer considered the most inept commuter rail line in the nation. The feds are now giving that designation to Boston's Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, based on the number of trains hopelessly breaking down and delaying commuters from all aspects of their lives. The Federal Transit Authority made the grand announcement, noting NJ Transit managed to cut the number of disabled trains by close to 50 percent between 2015 and 2016, from 540 to 236. Not too shabby.


EDGECOMB, Maine - A Maine teacher won a $1 million Global Teacher Prize. But what is really getting her media coverage is her penchant for shoplifting. First, she pleaded guilty for stealing a $14.99 blouse. And, now, violating her plea agreement, authorities are wondering why the hell she stole a $28 dog leash. The Bangor Daily News reported yesterday that she has no interest in shedding light. 

BRONX - On behalf of the meek legion of Mets fans, we would like to extend a light "atta-boy" to the Yankees on a really scrappy - dare we say inspiring - comeback win over the Indians. Nothing more to say, really, as we pull the shades back down, eat another Cheeto and blearily watch a rerun of a playoff game from 1986.


It was this day in 2012 that Botswana was pushed - kicking and screaming - into the 20th century - finally allowing women to inherit their family homes.


Interdigitate - [in-ter-DIJ-uh-tayt] - verb

Definition: To become interlocked like the fingers of folded hands

Example: Cars and trucks interdigitate at the Holland Tunnel, going nowhere.