JERSEY CITY - Not the target of an investigation (yet)? Well, no harm in being prepared. Perhaps, that really is the reason why 10 top city officials suddenly got instructions should they ever get slapped with subpoenas. Corporation Counsel Peter Baker fired off a memo telling officials to quickly alert the city's legal team so it can "coordinate, direct and approve all communications with investigators." (Hmm.) A city spokeswoman tells the Jersey Journal there's absolutely, positively no cause for concern; nothing's brewing. It was just a reminder of policies "in place for a decade." Oh. There ya go.

TRENTON - Our Attorney General is ready to put corruption on the run. Until now, we guess, our state Criminal Justice Division has been doing, what? Looking the other way? Unlikely. For years, its had a "corruption tip line" and a specialized Corruption & Government Fraud Bureau. But that is not good enough for our new AG, Gurbir Grewal, now creating his very own version of the 'Untouchables,' answering directly to him, to root out corruption and official misconduct. Grewal tells AP his new initiative should "restore public trust ... build confidence in government," and certainly grab some positive headlines.

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YOUR FRONT DOOR - It may be the end for your favorite door-to-doorencyclopedia salesman, wondering if he should finally take that attractive job offer at Walmart. There's a growing number of New Jersey towns that have "Do Not Knock" registries, NJ 101.5 reports. Towns from Jersey City to Edison to Wyckoff are banning salesman and other well-known solicitors from showing up at your front door with their latest and greatest item. The law doesn't impact politicians or religious groups because of the very inconvenient First Amendment. But at least you no longer have to hear about the handsome leather inseam of the modern-day encyclopedia.


ATLANTIC CITY - Bring back bikinis? That's the cheeky question for Miss America pageant coordinators, who saw their show's ratings take a massive hit with the elimination of the swimsuit competition. Nielson reports that more than one million people tuned out of the annual ceremony on ABC last Sunday, dropping the numbers to around 4.34 million viewers, akin to a NFL pre-season game likely involving the Browns. Declining viewership has been a huge issue in recent years for this 98-year-old pageant, which likely needs to put more skin in the game, not less, to compete against a Sunday night Netflix binge-fest.

SCOTCH PLAINS - Bye, bye, Bowcraft. The family amusement center on Route 22 that looks as if it hasn't been updated since the Reagan Administration is finally closing, after decades of birthday parties, pizza and Space Invaders. Township officials are targeting the 13 acres for 200 units of housing, just in case there's not enough traffic on the highway. Bowcraft fans are quick to note the operation has been around since 1946, once home to an archery range and ski slope, at a time when land was not exactly at a premium. But now, with all these affordable housing obligations, towns need to build, build and build.

1994 Bowcraft Amusement Park Commercial

STATEWIDE - More weed and less taxes? Hell, yeah, pass the bong, dude! That's the thinking among New Jerseyans, asked if they would support recreational marijuana if it meant local taxes would be lowered. About 53 percent said they would support that line of thinking, compared to 24 percent who opposed it, reports. An important note: this poll came from a company that makes marijuana-based food products, so we expect the findings to be a bit slanted. And now, um, we are wondering why we included this blurb in the first place... What were we smoking?


ORLANDO - The next time you post a crappy food review, the restaurant owner could know where you live. A local diner owner is set to appear in court, after reading a customer's review, guzzling some beer, heading over to her house and blasting three bullets into her front window, FOX 35 Orlando reports. The reason for the bad review? The customer's mom wanted a Greek omelette on her birthday, but was not served, apparently, because she has a disability and needed to be accompanied by someone else. Diner employees allegedly suggested the mom could order and wait for her food in her vehicle. The review promoted plenty of negative social media coverage, which, apparently, did not sit well with the gun-toting, beer-swilling owner.


It was on this day in 1966 that America experienced superb plot development and stellar acting, when the "Monkees" sitcom debuts on NBC.


Slimsy - [SLIM-zee] - adjective

Definition: Flimsy, frail

Example: I may need to get a new fall coat; mine is a bit slimsy.



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