Liberty Vintage Base Ball Club vs. Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia

Stay tuned for more info.

Contact Information
  1. Middlesex County Division of Historic Sites and History Services
  2. 7327453030
Sat, August 08
12:00 pm — 3:30 pm
Add to My Calendar 08/08/2020 12:00pm 08/08/2020 3:30pm America/New_York Liberty Vintage Base Ball Club vs. Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia

Stay tuned for more info.

1050 River Rd. Piscataway, NJ 08854

East Jersey Old Town Village

1050 River Rd.
Piscataway, NJ 08854

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New Brunswick

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New Brunswick

The Jaffe Briefing - March 27, 2020

TRENTON – Of all the doom and gloom in the economy, at least the state Labor Department employees are getting a wistful chuckle at the mountain of unemployment requests suddenly dumped on their plate. How, exactly, will they be able to process this immediate 1,500% spike in requests, as nearly 156,000 New Jerseyans found themselves promptly dismissed from work in the past week? Who ...

The Jaffe Briefing - March 25, 2020

STATEWIDE – So, why are liquor stores deemed an “essential service?” Everyone knows the obvious answer in these jittery times, but the Record actually found a serious academic who can make it all sound nice and legit. The newspaper went all the way to Johns Hopkins University to find a nice bow-tied fellow to explain how boozing it up is all about “public ...

The Jaffe Briefing - March 24, 2020

TRENTON – For years, curmudgeons have sat on park benches, yelling into their newspapers about how the state should just stop spending money. Well, now these geezers have gotten their wish, with New Jersey freezing $920 million for the rest of the fiscal year as tax collections have dried up. So, as these guys give each other a high-five, as they yell at the birds, the state is holding back ...

The Jaffe Briefing - March 23, 2020

STATEWIDE – An all-time high? How could anyone not expect that medical marijuana dispensaries would be bursting with business these days? The Philadelphia Inquirer reports sales of marijuana for, um, “medicinal purposes” have skyrocketed more than 20% last week. These dispensaries are considered “essential services” in the state – just like pharmacies ...

New Jersey Date Night: Cuddle Up with Dinner & a Movie

March 28, 2020

New Jersey Date Night is a series on NJ Flavor by relationship writer Craig Rogers.

Hunkering down home-side is the rule of the day. And while chez living room is getting a little repetitive, jazzing up a stay-at-home rendez vous is definitely possible; it just takes a little creativity and a little help from the resources at hand.  Luckily, many New Jersey restaurants and shops are ...

Labor Union Demands Rutgers Shut Down Libraries

March 19, 2020

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - A union representing librarians and some 8,500 other faculty members, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers at Rutgers has sent a letter to the school demanding the university shut down campus libraries.

According to a press release provided to TAPinto New Brunswick by Rutgers AAUP-AFT, the union is calling for the 13 Rutgers libraries to switch entirely to online ...

Rutgers Professor Tests Positive For Coronavirus

NEW BRUNSWICK,  NJ - A biomedical engineering professor at Rutgers–New Brunswick has tested positive for coronavirus COVID-19.

The news of what is believed to be the first positive case in the Rutgers community was announced in a statement from Anthony Calcado, the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Rutgers.

According to the statement,  test results were ...

For Rutgers Students Staying Behind, There Are Food Options

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - For the 3,000 or so Rutgers students who will be staying behind while the rest of their classmates leave in a university-mandated shutdown, there will be plenty of food options.

The university's Division of Student Affairs has sent a letter to students letting them that Busch and Brower Faculty and Staff Dining Rooms will be open for students with meal plans, ...

East Brunswick Students: Make A Video to Support Social Distancing

March 25, 2020

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Victoria Kilpatrick, Mayor of Sayreville , has challenged East Brunswick Mayor Brad Cohen to create a video stream with the title #istayhomeforeastbrunswick as a public service announcement to see why the township are joining the Social Distancing movement to beat the current COVID-19 pandemic.


You can view their video ...


Letter to the Editor: Central Jersey Needs Diapers

March 19, 2020

Dear Friends, 

Today, I spoke with a struggling single mother in tears.  This morning, she visited three stores with her infant, unable to find formula anywhere.  She did not have the funds available last week to stock up on essentials in preparation for our current situation.  The mother was panicked on the phone.  As a mother myself, I feel deeply for ...

Woodbridge Seniors Moved to Care One in Whippany

March 27, 2020

WOODBRIDGE, NJ – All 79 patients of the St. Joseph’s Senior Home, in Woodbridge, were safely moved to CareOne in Whippany, Morris County on Wednesday, March 25, thanks to the collaboration of Middlesex County, Woodbridge Township, and the State of New Jersey.


The New Jersey Department of Health requested the transfer on Tuesday evening following an outbreak of ...

Opinion: Puerto Rico: Poised to End America’s Foreign Drug Dependence

March 27, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic exposes a surprising fact: Ninety-percent of all antibiotics, common cold and flu, and pain-relief medications found in America’s medicine cabinets are made in China, not the United States.

America’s largest pharmaceutical companies now outsource to China the manufacture of 90 percent of brand name and generic antibiotics, aspirin, and ibuprofen sold in the ...

TAPinto Provides Platform for Local Businesses to Communicate to Customers and Community During Pandemic

March 29, 2020

LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- Michael Shapiro, CEO & Publisher of, spoke with Brian Brodeur of East Main Media, about ways local businesses can continue to communicate with both customers and the community during the coronavirus crisis. 

In this segment taken from TAPintoTV’s weekly Sunday morning show on News 12+, Shapiro spoke with Brodeur via video conference from his home ...

TAPinto CEO Speaks About the Impact of Local News During Coronavirus Pandemic

LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- Michael Shapiro, CEO & Publisher of, spoke with Brian Brodeur of East Main Media this week to share how TAPinto has been an invaluable source of information for readers seeking local news to learn how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their own communities. 

Shapiro, who lives in Broward County, Florida, reports that his county is one of the ...

Steve Adubato Examines Ways to Prepare Students for the Business Element of E-Sports

NEW JERSEY -- Neil Malvone, Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Caldwell University, recently appeared on One-on-One with Steve Adubato, where he spoke about the booming e-sport gaming industry and the university’s new program to prepare students for careers in that growing field. 

“The studies are telling us that e-sports will be a billion dollar industry by the end of ...

Expert Advice on Managing Anxiety and Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic

LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- TAPintoTV recently spoke with clinical psychologist, Meryl Dorf, Ph.D. about how we can maintain our mental health and manage our anxieties during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“There’s a lot that we can’t control and spending our time thinking and worrying about that fuels the anxiety,” said Dorf, “but focusing on the things that we can ...