NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Rutgers students won’t need to venture that far off campus to get their Starbucks fix.

The Starbucks at The Yard@College Avenue, located at the corner of College Avenue and Hamilton Street, will reopen on Feb. 19, a Starbucks spokesperson confirmed in an email.

The site had been closed for the entire Fall 2017 academic semester, following contractual issues between Starbucks' corporate office and the operator of The Yard location.

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Company officials said they will operate the franchise directly, company officials said, rather than let it be run through a partnership with a third party.​

The location ​was also closed temporarily in January 2017, just at the start of the spring semester.

Just one other storefront at The Yard remains to be filled, the site of the Bella’s Burger Shack, which closed on Dec. 22, 2017.

Editor Daniel J. Munoz,