NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Authorities have released the names of the two suspects involved in a narcotics investigation and who fled police, during an October 19 incident that resulted in a car crash and left nine people hospitalized, police said in a statement. 

Qualil Handy, 18 of Mays Landing and Jordan Toleito, 28 of Atlantic City, both face an array of charges after attempting to flee from police following a drug stop, according to a statement from Captain JT Miller, a spokesperson for the New Brunswick Police Department.

Two detectives initially conducted a traffic stop at the corner of Suydam Street and Remsen Avenue shortly after 6 p.m. that Thursday, Miller said.

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Handy exited the vehicle and fled on foot, prompting officers to engage in a chase, according to police.

Meanwhile, Toleito sped away and crashed into a passenger van at the corner of Jones Avenue and Seaman Street, though he had not been pursued by any officers, Miller said. 

All seven occupants and Toleito were injured as a result and hospatlized for their injuries, Miller said. Officers caught up to Handy as he was attempting to jump a fence and discard a package of suspected drugs, Miller said.

One of the detectives sustained a laceration on his arm while trying to apprehend the suspect, Miller said, which required hospitalization and sutures to close the wound.

Toleito was charged with eluding, aggravated assault, obstruction, possesson of CDS and possession of CDS with the intent to distribute in a school zone and public housing zone.

Handy was charged with obstruction, resisting arrest, resisting arrest which caused injury to a law enforcement officer, possession of CDS, possession of CDS with intent to distribute and possession of CDS with the intent to distribute in a school zone and public housing zone.