SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ - A GoFund Me page has been set up to help a township family whose home was destroyed by a fire on Saturday evening. The fire of the house on Kory Drive is not considered to be suspicious, but is currently under investigation by the South Brunswick Fire Marshal. All three township fire departments reported to the scene of the two-story home.

Upon arriving after the 6 p.m. 911 call, firefighters found smoke coming out of the top floor of the house. The home's occupants were already outside when first responders entered the home and found a gas leak. All of the firefighters, police officers and the residents of 20 homes near the residence on fire needed to be evacuated while PSE&G addressed the gas leak. Once the gas was turned off, firefighters were able to return to the house.

"There were 55 firefighters on scene and they were able to quickly put out the fire, but had to wait for the gas to be shut off to be sure," said Kendall Park Fire Chief Chris Perez.

The home suffered extensive damage and is uninhabitable according to information released by the South Brunswick Police Department. The family is staying with relatives. A GoFund Me was set up by Nicole Deinzer over the weekend and has already raised $5,000 for the family, who has not be publically identified. According to details from the SBPD, the family has three school-aged childre.