TRENTON, NJ - Gov. Phil Murphy announced Tuesday that the Federal Railroad Administration has committed $91.5 million to help replace the century-old Portal Bridge across the Hackensack River, a vital span on the Northeast Corridor rail line shared by NJTRANSIT and Amtrak.

 "This is a huge win for our state, for our commuters and for the future of our economy, and quite frankly given the economic power of the Northeast Corridor, it's a win for our entire nation," Murphy said. "Replacing the antiquated and unreliable Portal Bridge with a modern and reliable span will mean fewer headaches for commuters and better on-time performance for our mass transit system."

The swing-span Portal Bridge is an ongoing source of headaches for system operators and commuters alike as it frequently is unable to fully close after opening for passing boat traffic on the Hackensack River. The entire Northeast Corridor from Boston to Washington, DC, can be disrupted and cause delays for hours up and down the system when malfunctions occur.