NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - The 2018 arctic blast may be over, with New Brunswick getting only 6 inches of snow, but residents aren’t in the clear just yet.

Weather forecasts are calling for dangerously cold temperatures this weekend, with an Artic anticyclone making its way over New Jersey.

Temperatures will plunge to 3 degrees Friday evening, with a wind chill factor of 7 degrees below zero, according to Lance Frank, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service Mount Holly Station.

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The worst will be Saturday evening, where temperatures will plunge to a wind chill factor of 15 degrees below 0, Frank said.

Residents will also have to contend with wind gusts of up to 20 miles per hour on Saturday. Those high wind speeds will blow snow across the road and lead to dangerous driving conditions.

The high winds can also down trees and electric lines, and with the frigid temperatures, pipes can freeze and infrastructure can be damaged, according to the NWS.

New Brunswick will fare somewhat better on Sunday, with highs around 12 degrees, Frank said.

As the week progresses, residents will see the mercury rise up to the mid-30’s on Monday and up to the 40’s on Tuesday, before stabilizing at just above freezing for the rest of the week.

With the high wind speeds, snow will be blown across the road and driving visibility reduce, pipes can be damaged, and trees and power lines could be downed, according to the NWS.

Code Blue has been in effect since Dec. 26, including tonight at 7 p.m., and the warming centers at the Henry Guest House, next to the New Brunswick Free Public Library.

During the daytime, Elijah’s Promise and the library have been serving as the city’s daytime warming locations.

Editor Daniel J. Munoz,