NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - In football, there's the game that's being played out on the scoreboard and then there's the one taking place at the line scrimmage.

In the trenches, there's a fierce and fearsome battle for every single yard on every single snap.

The New Brunswick High School linemen have been winning the majority of those battles on both sides of the ball this season, but the offensive line has especially stood out.

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The Zebras have been opening holes for the running backs, giving quarterbacks time to find receivers and paving the way for the Zebras' best start since 2015.

Thanks in large part to the likes of senior linemen Keshon Davila, Joseph Ciafullo and Tyaire Blount, the Zebras are averaging almost 37 points a game.

They will be put to the test, however, when Piscataway (3-0) comes to Memorial Stadium.

A few of the Zebra took a break from preparing for their showdown with the Chiefs, who have a 17-game winning streak dating to 2017, to speak about the importance of winning Friday night's Battle of the Line of Scrimmage.

"I believe the energy has gone up a bit because this is a big statement game for New Brunswick football in general," said Ciafullo, a tackle. "This would be an extremely big win for us, so I feel the energy has picked up. But, the preparation hasn't really changed. We're just trying to treat it like, we're just going out there facing the next team up."

It's a challenging offense for Ciafullo and the other linemen to block for. The Zebras employ a multiple offense, often from a spread formation.

The linemen spend a lot of time communicating. Davila said he will sometimes point things out such as opponents' tendencies to Ciafullo.

Blount, however, has the most responsibility as the center. He often has to identify defensive fronts and relay the information to the rest of the line.

"It's a lot of work," he said, "but I like it. It keeps me focused."

Last year's quarterback, Nydir Harmon, has moved to running back this year. The new quarterback, Quentin Tibbs, has some great weapons to work with. Tahjay Moore, a 6-foot-6 receiver and Division I recruit, is a big weapon and Ahyan Brown-Miller is a game-breaker.

The offensive linemen have been working hard to sustain their blocks and open holes. That hard work, however, started long before the opening kickoff.

Davila said offensive linemen have an uncommon work ethic and they've been preparing for this day for months.

"We've been lifting since the end of last season," the guard said. "We're been in the weight room since January till now. Now we've been doing conditioning on the field. I see it pay off a lot. There's a lot of improvement from last year because of the strength and conditioning."