New Providence, NJ - With dark clouds overhead and the threat of rain looming, Thursday night’s scheduled concert, featuring The 1910 Fruitgum Company, was held at the municipal gym. The New Providence Concert Series has become a real hit with local residents and Thursrday’s attendance was emblematic of just that.

Despite the high percentage of precipitation and thunder, residents took the risk, making their way downtown to view this popular 1960’s resurgent band, and they were not disappointed. Despite missing their original drummer, Keith Crane, the group performed flawlessly, with their emergency replacement synching effortlessly with the band, with no previous practice.   

The gymnasium nearly filled to capacity, with concertgoers spilling onto the sidewalk, and those who were inside suffered a crowded, mildly stuffy room.

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What would have been an otherwise uncomfortable situation, The 1910 Fruitgum Company made enthralling with their lively tunes. Performing some of the hits that solidified their place in the music world, as well as songs from other popular bands from the 60’s like, The Monkeys.

Keeping the crowd dancing and swaying throughout the evening, playing song after song with very minimal pause in between melodies. The longest pause coming from their impromptu honoring of a 102 year-old vibrant veteran sitting in the crowd.

Shortly after they regrouped and continued playing good music, with nearly no one in attendance getting up to exit the venue before the show was over.

The last concert of the summer will feature The Elefante Family Band, held on Tuesday August 7th, at 6 P.M. in conjunction with National Night Out.

The Concert Series is presented by New Providence Business Community. The concerts are made possible through generous donations from the following sponsors: Acme Market, Creative Wallcoverings & Interiors, Elefante Music, Lassus Wherley, NJ Sharing Network, NP Downtown Improvement District (DID), NP Lions Club, Prestige Diner, Providence Bar & Kitchen, and Zita’s Homemade Ice Cream.