A Letter to the New Providence Democrats:

As the election for two New Providence Council members nears, I, a Republican, want to reach out to the Democrats of New Providence. I want to remind you of a few truths that you know but may forget when you cast your vote.

First, you moved to this town for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it was our excellent and highly rated school system. Maybe it was the lack of crime and the safety of New Providence. Maybe it was the small town attitude where everyone cares about each other and the lack of divisiveness which exits in our country. Maybe because it is simply a wonderful place to live, raise kids and grow old together.

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Second, Donald Trump has nothing to do with New Providence; he has never been here and will probably never be here. He doesn't advise our council and has no impact on our town.

Third, certain truisms or clichés have a basis in truth. Phrases such as “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it;” and “Don’t make changes for changes sake,” really do have some basis in fact.

Ask yourself why you would change the leadership of New Providence who helped make this the place you chose to live in? Is there anything wrong with the current council? The statistics for our town say no, voted one of the top school systems, voted one of the best places to live in New Jersey, and one of the safest towns in New Jersey.

Yes, they are Republicans, and as Democrats I understand the tendency to vote your party. But I ask you to please consider voting not for a particular party but for the results of years of hard work. Vote for your own best interests, vote for your family, vote for your school system, vote for your property values, vote for your safety, vote for the things that made you choose New Providence. And vote Republican.

Mark J. Ondris,

A Republican who voted for Jimmy Carter