As summer comes to a close and fall begins, we start anew. Labor Day officially ends the summer season and children return to school. I am beginning a new journey in my life to fulfill public service in a way I have never done before. I seek the faith and trust of my fellow residents of Union County.

On Saturday night, August 30, many people of my Jewish faith began to recite prayers known as “Selichot,” a series of penitential prayers and liturgy. These prayers are said on a daily basis up until the day of atonement known as “Yom Kippur ”. In between Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur are the “10 days of repentance.” We are atoning for the sins that we have committed in the last year as we begin a new year. Although we may not necessarily be worthy of forgiveness, we ask to be dealt with kindly. We also give charity to those who are less fortunate. By bringing compassion into the world, we hope that we too will merit to receive compassion as well.

Even though I have been involved in politics in various ways for a long time, it was never my intent to seek any type of political office at this time in my life. However, I was approached and asked by people to do so. "My feeling is when you are called to fulfill public service by your fellow citizens, you answer the call of duty. "

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I have stressed a couple of times in this campaign that I am not perfect. I am always open to change and new ideas. A Rabbi from ancient times named Hillel says in a book known as “Pirkei Avot” “Ethics of our Fathers”:“Don't judge your friend until you are in his situation.” Politics often times is a very unpleasant situation and people seek to past judgment on candidates without keeping an open mind. It is my hope that people will take the time and effort to get informed about the issues inside Union County in order to make a sound decision on November 5.


Ira Geiger Republican Candidate for Union County Freeholder