I am utterly disgusted that a so-called reputable New Jersey Daily Newspaper would publish a piece with such egregious mistakes. The email that Mayor Hern sent to New Providence constituents had no place being published within your newspaper. Not only were many of the facts wrong in his email, but there was no reason to highlight the awful email that has already had damaging influences on a family that just wants to be left alone. Stephanie Hern was repeatedly bashed within the article and email. Though it is the newspapers first amendment right to publish what they choose, good journalism takes both sides into the equation before publishing a terribly biased and horribly detrimental piece. 

Stephanie Hern is also not a public figure, is not married to a public figure, and has no reason to be dragged into the media. According to the Supreme Court case, Gertz v. Robert Welch, the Supreme court ruled that it was illegal to publish personal information on a private citizen. Stephanie Hern is NOT a public citizen. The email that was sent out was sent to specific people and not the mass public.  It was illegal to repost it in the Alternative Press because of the extreme personal information about Stephanie Hern that she did not consent to.  
Stephanie Hern is a wonderful mother who continually supports her children day in and day out. She "voluntarily" quit her jobs to raise three children without the help of New Providence's current mayor. She spent the next year striving to find a job to support her family, doing everything she could for her children. She has been so strong in the last two years, and she doesn't need the news to bombard her with inaccuracies and hurtful language. She would do anything for her family and is one of the best mothers I know. Before the Alternative Press decides to publish a horribly personal email, it might be best to check the facts before damaging a family that has already been through so much.  
Please contact me with a response. I will be in contact about this again.
Editor's Note:  This letter concerns this article published on The Alternative Press.  The article included emails that were sent by Mayor Hern and an anonymous individual to hundreds, if not thousands, of New Providence residents.  We wrote the article and published the emails because they are newsworthy and a matter of public concern as they deal with accusations made against Mayor Hern and his rebuttal to them.  It is our unfortunate responsibility to do so.  We published the emails in their entirety since that is how they were distributed and so our readers could form their own opinions regarding the issues raised.  As for the article itself, The Alternative Press does not wish to cause any harm to Stephanie Hern, her children, or Mayor Hern, for that matter.  As a newspaper accredited by the New Jersey Press Association, we are reporting on these issues to provide our readers with the information they may need to make informed decisions regarding Mayor Hern and the governance of the Borough.  We take no joy in doing so, particularly as residents of this great Borough.