The Academy of Our Lady of Peace Panther Power Robotics Team 1159 is facing a real challenge this year—imagining the future of learning.  In preparation, the Team interviewed two experts, Anna Craig, PhD and Mrs. Karen Dreitlein, a librarian at the New Providence Public Library.
Dr. Craig is a clinical associate in both the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the Department of Pediatrics at Duke.  Using Skype to communicate with the Doctor, the Team asked her many questions regarding learning, fears, and the styles of learning.  She also discussed challenges encountered with children diagnosed with cancer and difficulties in learning.
In interviewing Mrs. Dreitlein, the Team was curious how someone would become a librarian.  Mrs. Dreitlein explained that she went to college to study history and math and started working at the Edison Museum in West Orange where she cataloged information.  Then she decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Library Sciences.  She also discussed research methods and how the cataloging of books in a library is accomplished.  The Team was also interested in the number of books circulated annually through the Library system and if she felt libraries will ever become extinct.
Aside from the project work, the Team must work hard to program an EV3 Robot autonomously and solve missions in the robot game.  In addition to these steps, they must also write a presentation to share with others, perform at competition in front of the judges, and create an innovative solution to go with their project idea.  All of these components will definitely be a challenge as many new members have joined the Panther Power Robotics Team.

The Academy of Our Lady of Peace is a Pre-K3 through eighth grade parochial school, located in New Providence.  As a Middle States Accredited school, it is run under the auspices of the Newark Archdiocesan School System. For more information on the Academy, please visit