The Friends of the New Providence Memorial Library would like to invite everybody to enjoy the big changes they have implemented to the entrance and stairwell of the bookshop "AfterWords". A flood several years ago damaged the walls and caused buckling and staining. The preliminary repair and painting of the area was done by the public works department, providing the opportunity to choose soothing and attractive colors and make the area more appealing.

The now colorful walls provided the inspiration for other decorative changes to the previously blank area. Ann Karr, chairman of the bookshop, presented her design ideas to the Friends Board, which began with a request for funding for a mural "The Bookshop". This was hung by volunteers Michael Karr and Mike Karsnak. The mural was framed by Mr. Karr, and the "AfterWords" door was painted and stenciled by Elaine Karsnak. Across from the mural, the wall was stenciled with a vine and has a hand-painted Friends logo. This initial phase of the project was an immense improvement which elicited positive comments from patrons.

Next, photos of spring flowers from the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, donated by Leah Johnson, and fall scenes of Central Park, donated by Kendall Hander, were framed and hung on the stairwell. The sets of 3 photos are changed seasonally and may be augmented with winter pictures at some point.

The most ambitious project was implementing a playful arrow pointing down the stairs to the shop. Whimsical children, sliding and reading books were painted on the arrow by budding artist Mike Karsnak with assistance from his wife Elaine. The hours of time and effort by this couple has resulted in a fun and inviting entrance to a previously dull basement, which is now referred to proudly as the "lower level".

The Friends encourage a visit to the shop to see their handiwork. The door to the stairwell is located through the Children's Library. The shop is well supplied with gently used fiction and non-fiction hardcover books at $1.50 each. Children's books and paperbacks books are 50 cents each. VHS tapes and CDs are also available

Afterwords Bookshop hours:

Mon - Thu 10am - 8pm

Fri & Sat 10am - 4pm

Sunday Closed

All funds raised through the sale of books, DVD's and CD's are donated to the New Providence Memorial Library.