I am writing in response to the letter by Mr. Pickton suggesting that only elected officials get things done in New Providence. Therefore, because Al Morgan has not been an elected official the past few years, he is somehow by definition a poor candidate for Mayor.

Mr. Pickton's hypothesis is faulty, as by his logic, no one would be qualified to run for office the first time. He is also mistaken if he thinks that only elected officials get things done in New Providence. Finally, his unfortunate comment that Al Morgan feels "entitled" to be Mayor demonstrates nothing but the fact that he does not know Al at all.

I have been living in Town for fifty-seven years and have known Al Morgan for a good fifty of those years. He loves New Providence!

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For decades he has served faithfully in various capacities, bringing people together to do the right thing for Borough residents. For most of those years, Al was not an elected official. Far from feeling "entitled" to be Mayor, he has been "called" to return to elected public office to serve not only by hundreds of residents who want him back to lead, but also by folks like Senator Tom Kean, Assemblyman Jon Bramnick, and Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz who have all strongly endorsed Al's candidacy. These are elected officials whom our Mayor needs to work with to get things done in New Providence.

Al is running with two qualified men who are seeking election to the Town Council—one for the first time (Rob Munoz) and the other for another term (Mike Gennaro). Al is also backed by other current Council members, not to mention lots of residents who, as volunteers, play important roles in the Borough government. These are the people whom the future Mayor needs to align with to get things in New Providence moving in the right direction again.

Over the past few decades that I have been volunteering in New Providence, I have learned that the backbone of action in the Borough is, and will continue to be, the non-elected volunteers. Al Morgan appreciates that reality very well. Thank goodness that things do not work the way that Mr. Pickton thinks they do or nothing would ever get done.

No one understands better than Al Morgan that the role of the Mayor is to listen carefully, to lead thoughtfully and to do what is best for the community. During his first term as Mayor, he demonstrated that no one does that better than Al Morgan. That is proven leadership! That's why I support him for Mayor in 2010.