The students of Allen W. Roberts School in New Providence recently participated in a Career Day About Leadership, where they took part in career related activities throughout the day including the opportunity to work with a buddy class and take part in a parade at the end of the day. The highlight of the day was a panel discussion and luncheon that took place with local community leaders. Each class had a classroom representative who actually applied for the job. Their responsibly was to have their class generate good questions and ask the panel all about careers and the world of work. Those present for the panel discussion and luncheon were from many different kinds of careers; New Providence Mayor, John Thoms, New Providence Board of Education President and Summit Chief of Police, Robert Lucid, New Providence Superintendent of Schools, Dr. David Miceli, New Providence Firefighter William Vignali, family physician, Dr. Richard Paris, Mr. Ken Cavanagh, a computer security analyst, representing finance, Ms. Alma Demotropolis, and representing the Arts, Ms. Jamie Peterson.

Some examples of student questions were: "What inspired you to become a doctor?," "How did you choose your career path?," "When you were younger was there a different career you wanted?" The panel members gave the students a glimpse and increased awareness of how the career path you choose can sometimes take you to amazing places. The computer analyst shared that in fact when he was a child, his job did not even exist yet. Another panel member shared that he still uses math that was learned in earlier grades in his career today!

The message the panel imparted to the Allen W Roberts students was clear...Study and work hard now, gain many experiences and find what you love to do.