I had the pleasure this week to once again work with Sony Pictures on a press screening for the upcoming motion picture release Here Comes The Boom, starring Kevin James, Henry Winkler, Salma Hayek, and acting newbie Bas Rutten (a revelation, even if he is basically just playing himself).  If you've seen the commercials or the trailer, you know that it tells the story of a sorry excuse for a high school biology teacher who becomes a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter.

But, Here Comes The Boom is not just about MMA fighting.  It's about passion. And no, not Fifty Shades of Grey-type passion. It's about passion for teaching, passion for learning, growing, and wanting to be a better person.  It's about inspiration, about following your dreams, and most importantly, following UP on your dreams.

In this Mommy's opinion, Here Comes The Boom is suitable for kids who are already familiar with wrestling and/or MMA-type fighting, as the extremely realistic fight scenes can feel a little violent.  (The movie is rated PG.) In fact, Kevin James lost about 80 pounds while preparing for and shooting this film as there is a lot of serious MMA action. James himself said it was important to UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship, the largest MMA organization in the United States) that the sport be treated seriously, that the movie not be "Paul Blart in The Octagon," in order to get UFC and its personalities to participate in the film.

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You might now think the movie is just aimed at men or dads who will bond with their sons over the fight scenes and Kevin James' everyguy humor.  But, there is a very sweet soul to the movie, and its messages about teamwork and perseverance—as well as its strong point about the importance of arts education in our schools—make this a film the whole family can enjoy.


Here Comes The Boom opens in theaters on Friday, October 12, 2012.




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