NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – Mayor Al Morgan read two proclamations at the Tuesday, Apr. 13 council meeting. The first proclamation designated April 2021 as National Autism Month and the second proclamation dedicated the week of April 11-17, 2021 as a National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.

“Autism spectrum disorders are a group of developmental disabilities characterized by atypical development in socialization, communication, and behavior, which generally appear before three years of age and continue over a lifetime,” Morgan read. As many as one in 34 children in New Jersey are diagnosed with autism. “Individuals with autism often require a lifetime of specialized and community support services to ensure their health and safety and to support families’ resilience as they manage the psychological and financial burdens autism presents. Autism New Jersey is spearheading an awareness effort in order to educate parents, professionals and the general public about autism and its effects,” the proclamation read.

“When an emergency occurs the prompt response of law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics is critical to the protection of life and preservation of property. The safety of our police officers, firefighters and emergency medical services is dependent upon the quality and accuracy of information obtained from citizens who telephone the Mountain Valley Emergency Communications Center. Public Safety Dispatchers are the first and most critical contacts our citizens have with emergency services,” Morgan read.