As part of ongoing efforts to reduce costs and increase convenience to customers, the borough has implemented several automated and electronic features.  “We are continually striving to improve our processes, reduce costs, and make information more readily available,” said J. Brooke Hern, Mayor.  “The more we automate, the easier it will be for our residents and visitors to conduct business with us at their convenience.  As an added bonus, we can save money by reducing the number of telephone calls and the amount of paperwork associated with some of these transactions.” 
So far, the borough has implemented a unique website portal for the mayor and borough council, an online payment center for residents to complete various transactions online, online subscription lists for residents and visitors to receive information and updates pertaining to the borough, and an online inquiry tracking system so that borough personnel can receive input on various topics and respond in a timely manner.  In addition to these improvements, future paperless plans include online pet license renewals and various online requests and applications.
Mayor and Council Website Portal
One of the biggest changes and cost saving measures implemented is a secure online website portal, through which the mayor and borough council members can access upcoming agenda items, ordinances, contracts, budget information, correspondence, personnel issues, and other information.  This has been a great improvement from the old paper based system because it not only allows the mayor and council to access information anytime, but also saves the costs associated with compiling, photocopying and delivering council meeting packets prior to the meetings.  In addition, the mayor and council now use laptop computers during borough council meetings, which afford them immediate access to their information, notes, and supporting documents.  The new portal system saves the borough approximately $7,000 per year.
Linked Documents
Council meeting agendas posted to the website prior to the meeting now contain embedded links to supporting documents, such as resolutions, ordinances, proclamations, plans, and communications. This allows anyone reviewing the agenda to see the supporting documents without having to search for them separately.
Online Payment Center
In addition to the features below, the new Online Payment Center includes the Pay Your Tickets option, which has always been available on the website.  In the fall, residents will have the option to Pay Leaf Collection Permits online, as well.
Pay Your Property Taxes Online
Borough taxpayers now have a convenient new FEE-FREE option for on-line property tax payments through the borough website,  This safe and secure payment method utilizes the United States banking system’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) technology.  Residents can direct the ACH to electronically transfer their tax payment directly to the borough’s tax collection account.  There is no processing fee for this service and no need to write a check or deliver it to the Municipal Center.  Plus, residents can print a date and time stamped receipt upon completion of the transaction.  Simply logon to the borough website, click the Online Payment Center tab on the left side, select Pay Your Property Taxes Online, and follow the instructions.  For those who would like to conduct a tax search for borough properties, they can access that public information through the same website link.
Renew Your Resident Railroad Parking Permit Online
Residents can now renew their resident parking permit online through the borough website by logging in, completing the required fields, and making a payment.  Once the address has been verified, the permit will be mailed.  To renew your permit, go to the borough website, click the Online Payment Center tab on the left hand side of the Home page, select Renew Resident Parking Permit, and follow the instructions.  Currently, this online payment option is only available for Resident Parking Permit renewals. 
Online Subscriptions
The Subscribe button at the top of the borough website allows individuals to signup to receive updates and information on various topics.  Subscription options currently include Code Red, Borough Updates, NP Alliance to Prevent Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Planning/Zoning Board Updates, Police Neighborhood Watch, Recreation, and Recycling and Collection.
In addition to subscribing to these various distribution lists, residents and visitors can subscribe to RSS feeds, so that they receive updates and notifications whenever information is posted to our website.  RSS subscriptions are available for News, Community Calendar, Most Recent FAQs, and Rumor Mill. 
Online Inquiry Tracking System
This feature allows individuals to contact the borough if they have a concern, question, request for information, or suggestion.  Once an inquiry has been submitted, customers receive a tracing number, which they can then use to track the status of their request.  Simply click Citizen Concerns & Requests or Contact Us at the top of the borough’s website and complete whichever contact form is applicable. In addition to recording and tracking the inquiries, the system also allows the borough to convert the topic into a Frequently Asked Question or a Rumor Mill item, or forward the inquiry internally to various individuals or departments for follow up or resolution.