How are you doing? No really, HOW are you doing? This is an incredibly difficult, but necessary time. There are so many uncertainties and new stressors. Isolation is a real issue. We specialize in alleviating stress, anxiety, depression and trauma. We want to help YOU. 

We are offering not only yoga and meditation, but also a free community support check in via Zoom.  

We are doing this to:

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  • have people to feel connected, 
  • provide a sense of calm(ish) 
  • be a part of a community
  • dial down your nervous system
  • show our commitment to our community

Community support is at an all time high need these days. Being a trauma therapist, I am seeing the impact on having an externally imposed (albeit needed) control placed upon people. 

During our Community Support Check-In via Zoom we will discuss the impact, what people are doing to help themselves and their children cope and ways in which we can plan for the future. Please click here to sign up for the Check-In.

Please feel free to call or text us at (908) 363-1825or go online to sign up!


Kris and the Peace of Mind Yoga Team