My name is Jennifer Killea and I am a proud Pioneer, currently serving on the New Providence Board of Education in an interim seat I was appointed to in July.  I am seeking a full-term seat in this year’s election to continue my dedication to our community and support my belief in the power of education.

My passion and commitment to the community has been unwavering from the day my husband Brian and I moved into our first home in Tall Oaks in 2007, before kids. Fast-forward to today, we live in the Murray Hill side of New Providence with two children at Allen W. Roberts. 

Education has always been an integral part of my life. I have experienced that knowledge is power both professionally and, most importantly, personally. In my early 20’s, I was presented with the opportunity to pursue my MBA part-time at Fordham University while working full-time. Having just lost both grandparents that raised me, I knew they would be proud. The bonus for me was the positive energy and ambition it provided me through a difficult time. My educational experience helped shape who I am today. 

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As a strategic relationship leader in the financial industry for over 20 years, there are many things I have learned: How to build, lead and collaborate with diverse teams to achieve common goals, the value of a strategic vision, adapting to on-going challenges, how to thrive in a team environment and skills to hire and mentor young talent by identifying their skill set. 

I have been actively involved with the school district as a board member for the New Providence Education Foundation (NPEF) since 2017. Earlier this year, I co-chaired the Foundation’s marquis event “Million Smiles Comedy Night” a celebration and fundraiser to mark the Foundation’s milestone, raising and contributing $1mm towards teachers grants for all students of New Providence. 

I have learned the goals of the district and developed a deep respect for its robust strategic vision.  I believe this Five-Year strategic vision has the power to further transform our advanced school district into a modern incubator for success.

In joining and supporting the BOE, my goals are to:

➢ Transition my role from an interim seat on the BOE to a permanent position with my eyes wide open and a fresh perspective

➢ Give our children the opportunity to successfully transcend academically and socially

➢ Communicate and develop the strategic vision and help it come to fruition, while teaching our children the most important skills to be successful: Passion, Curiosity, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Empathy and Grit

➢ Find innovative solutions for the new housing developments, growing school enrollment and mental health struggles, while maintaining our small-town culture 

➢ Represent empathy, critical thinking, and creativity during this difficult time of COVID-19, social unrest, and disruption among so many industries

➢ Contribute to keeping our schools competitively ranked 

➢ Make an impact that is meaningful to everyone in the community

Your support means everything to me. As a professional, wife and mother of two young children in the school system, this is an opportune time for me to maximize my involvement with the town. 

Please  consider me as your candidate, along with Mary Misiukiewicz. Mary has 6 years of experience as the incumbent and has helped guide our district through many thoughtful decisions over the years. We work well together and look forward to continuing our tenure while continuity is more important now than ever.  

If you see me around town, please stop and say hi. Or please email me with questions about my platform. I absolutely love connecting with my neighbors. 

Your dedicated candidate,

Jen Killea