NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - Imagine a world where you did not have to spend so much money on printer cartridges. Just think of a place where you could not only save your finances, but save the environment as well. As if that is not ideal enough, pretend that you were also guaranteed to be satisfied with your purchases. Such a place sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But a world like that indeed does exist, right in the heart of downtown New Providence – Cartridge World.

Cartridge World of New Providence, located at 1253 Springfield Avenue, offers high-quality refilled and remanufactured printer cartridges for all major brands in addition to originally manufactured products. Instead of buying new cartridges at an office supplier, customers are encouraged to trade in their empty cartridges for ones refilled or remanufactured by the store. People can also simply purchase recycled cartridges if they do not have an empty one to trade, or buy outright new ones.

“We offer a full range of products, the best pricing, and the best service you can get,” said Norm Sobin, owner of Cartridge World of New Providence. Sobin points out that it is 30 to 40 percent cheaper to use recycled cartridges than to continually have to buy new replacements. He also said his store offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on products and free pickup and delivery.

Yet Cartridge World has benefits beyond money-saving measures.

“We make an effort to keep cartridges out of landfills and reuse them,” said Sobin, adding that recycling one printer cartridge means saving one gallon of oil that would be used to manufacture a new one.

Yet Cartridge World of New Providence does not just reuse cartridges. Sobin said his store has also partnered with Principia to offer a free recycling service for those electronic products not allowed to be thrown out.

“We’re environmentally friendly and cost-savvy,” he said.

In addition to helping the planet, Cartridge World also benefits the community. Sobin said his store runs recycling programs with area schools and churches in which Cartridge World donates money to those institutions for every printer cartridge they recycle. Additionally, Cartridge World sponsors local children’s teams and community events, according to Sobin.

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce for New Providence, Summit, and Berkeley Heights, Sobin understands the importance of contributing to his town and how it can help his store.

“We find that whatever we give to the community, we get back in business,” he said. Affordable, green, and community-conscious are traits out of this world. To find them, you have to go to Cartridge World – one of the few places where you can help yourself, help your town, and help your planet all at the same time.

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