Bob Miller who worked at AT&T saw the dramatic changes in the way that we communicate will tell the Summit Old Guard what he observed on August 7th. The presentation is at the New Providence Municipal Center at 10 P.M.  Bob is one of the last people to do Morse code for AT&T in New York City.  He also observed the changes to teletype, to voice grade data services.  Later, the company moved to digital services and ultimately to Optic Fiber Networks.

Bob and his family are Berkeley Heights residents where at one time, he was the Mayor.

All area 50-plus active men are invited to attend meetings of the Summit Area Old Guard on Tuesday mornings at the New Providence Municipal Center at 360 Elkwood Avenue.  A coffee hour starts at 9:15 that is followed by a 10 AM short business meeting. Old Guard members participate in sports, bridge, hikes, trips, plays, concerts and cultural events. Call Ralph Ortega at 908-244-4384 for more information or log on to the website: