NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - A generous partnership with a new Basking Ridge nonprofit group, Feed to Give, which raised more than $1300 on Wednesday, May 15, for the new nonprofit: New Providence- Our Community For All will repeat on June 3, 2020.

“The chicken was some of the best I ever tasted,” was reported by several customers of the earlier sale.  For this event there will be great deals on not only chicken breasts, but wings, tenders, leg quarters, and thighs. 

Like the last sale, all orders must be placed in advance, and done through Paypal (, choose friends option) or Venmo (Ada-Law8, check last 4 digits of phone should be 6609).  For $20 a customer can purchase 10 pounds of boneless, skinless breasts; 10 pounds of boneless thighs; or 10 pounds of boneless tenders.  For $25 a customer can purchase 40 pounds of leg quarters.  And $30 will buy 10 pounds of bone-in party wings.  Specify on Venmo or Paypal how many of each is desired.  All quantities are permitted in the above size packages.  For questions about how to order text: 917-828-7618.  

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Feed to Give was founded by Basking Ridge High School junior Carys Law, whose father, Simon Law connected her to Lawson Foods, a wholesale food distributor.  The fundraiser she designed has now been run in three local towns- Warren, New Providence and Watchung. In addition to the fundraising chicken sales, the family has donated handsomely to local foodbanks in the form of vegetables.  Overall the fundraisers have collected more than $20,000 for nonprofits and foodbanks in this part of New Jersey.  

“We are so happy to be able to give back to our local communities,” said Simon Law, owner of Lawson foods.  “I am proud of my daughter and her great idea.”    

On June 3, the pickups will run from 10 a.m. to Noon.  

“We were pleased and surprised to see how organized this whole operation was working with Feed to Give,” said New Providence-Our Community For All Executive Director, Patricia Jacobs. “Things ran like clockwork.”  Volunteers run the process from start to finish.  

New Providence- Our Community For All was founded with support from the Grotta Fund for Senior Care to help New Providence become a Lifelong Town. Their focus is on listening to adults in New Providence about their hopes and needs for living long and full lives in town.  After June 3rd their next effort is a community -wide art project, where families, groups or individuals can make decorative banners, while safely at home, that will be combined into one public installation in Centennial Park on Flag Day, June 14th.  Supported by a local girl scout troop, fabric has been cut and is ready and free for families to order via this link:

To connect with New Providence-Our Community For All for any of their projects or to get the details for the June 3, 2020 fundraising sale of chicken,  please call 908-380-7715 or email