NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – On Saturday, My Gym New Providence was filled with children of all ages, from just a few months old, to 10 years of age, parents, instructors, giggles, guffaws, smiles and laughter.

The occasion was the annual My Gym Open House – an event that encourages parents to come in and see for themselves the many activities and courses offered to children, how the staff interacts with the children, and how My Gym works. And, for those who join My Gym, special rates.

The New Providence location will celebrate its third anniversary in November. Nationally, My Gym is celebrating 35 years of teaching children how to keep fit and have fun at the same time.

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Few children needed encouragement to take off their shoes and join in the fun in the gym area when they arrived. Once the parents signed in and took off their own shoes, everyone headed through the gate into the gym, where the children could swing from monkey bars, climb a ladder, turn summersaults – forwards and backwards – play in a ball pit, run around and up and over a mat-covered arch, or run over to greet MyMo – just to name a few activities. Parents had a hard time keeping up with their youngsters, but not the teachers who supervised the free play and, occasionally, taught someone the right way to do a summersault or gave a child who couldn’t reach the “high” bar, a lift.

My Gym Regional Director Holly Cook helped children, talked to parents and told TAPinto New Providence, “We have ongoing enrollment. People can come in and sign their child up for a class, any time.” The philosophy behind My Gym is to keep children learning and moving, she added.

The owner, Alyse Rudin, who also owns My Gym Westfield and My Gym Glen Rock, wanted to make sure everyone knows the goal of My Gym is to promote health and fitness in children.

Children between six weeks and six months can be enrolled in a class that focuses on visual, audio and spatial exploration. Classes for other children are age and developmentally appropriate. The activities and associated gym equipment is switched out regularly, so it is not only new and exciting, but also age appropriate. 

There are classes seven days a week, said Cook. Classes start as early as 9 a.m. and continue through about 7 p.m. Each class lasts between 45 minutes and an hour.

My Gym encourages parents to have their child try a free class.

My Gym offers birthday parties, a Black Friday Fun Day, winter break specials and more.

To find out more about My Gym visit the website or call 908-665-2122.