I would like to congratulate the New Providence School District on their move from number 17 to number 5 in the 2010 Top High Schools list published by New Jersey Monthly.  New Providence even at number 17 had an excellent school system.  While I have always supported the efforts of our teachers and school district, I am concerned with the rate at which school spending continues to increase.  Specifically, in the area of administrative costs at a time when enrollment has declined and more of the burden is being placed directly on New Providence homeowners and businesses.   

Homeowners in the Borough have seen property taxes increase by 77% in the years between 1998 and 2010.  As a Borough of New Providence taxpayer the trend is not in my favor and it is accelerating at an unsustainable rate.  Since the school tax currently accounts for nearly 60% of the total tax burden I am asking the New Providence Board of Education to help New Providence taxpayers just as we helped you in the past.  We too would enjoy being number 5.


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Town / 2010 Property Tax Rate / 2010 School Tax Rate

New Providence/4.082%/2.421%

Summit / 3.739% / 1.863%

Berkeley Heights /3.317% /1.991%

Millburn / 1.794% / 0.903%

Borough of Chatham / 1.684% / 1.060%

Chatham Township / 1.601% / 1.021%