The 2011 New Providence Crop Walk of Sunday afternoon, October 16, was a large success, earning in excess of $4000.  Plus, additional contributions continue to occur. 


Planned by Faith Lutheran Church and hosted by United Methodist Church, the Crop Walk saw seventy adults and children, with signs and balloons, hiking the three mile route through town.  The chairperson was Chris Melhuish of New Providence.  The coordinator was Bob Hasbrouck of Summit, who is also the historian of the New Providence Crop Walk.  Chris and Bob are members of Faith Lutheran.

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In addition to Faith Lutheran and United Methodist, St. Andrew’s Episcopal of New Providence joined the Walk. Also participating was Faith Nursery School of Faith Lutheran.


All of the contributions will be donated to Church World Service, an interdenominational organization which combats hunger in the United States and around the world.  The focus of Church World Service is meeting the needs of the most disadvantaged people.  Church World Service will return twenty-five per cent of the money to the soup kitchen at St. John’s Roman Catholic Church in Newark.  With the pending arrival of winter and other soup kitchens having closed, the needs of St. John’s are significant.


Persons wishing to make contributions to the Crop Walk may send their donations to Faith Lutheran Church, 524 South Street, New Providence, NJ 07974.   The phone number is 908-464-5177.